A Pennsylvania judge granted the Trump campaign team permission to place observers where the counting of votes is being done.

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Christine Fizzanno Cannon overturned a ruling from a lower Philadelphia court that prohibited observers from monitoring the counting of votes in the state, the New York Post reported.

The judge's ruling, issued Thursday morning, came as a response to a lawsuit filed by the Trump campaign team on Wednesday. The lawsuit was based on the idea that the Democrats are "stealing" the election, and demanded that vote counting should stop until the campaign has increased access to polling sites.

Officials from Philadelphia appealed judge Fizzanno Cannon's ruling at the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, leading to a halt in the counting for a few hours while litigation was ongoing, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Their appeals, however, were rejected. The appellant judge's order eventually allowed the Trump campaign to station observers in polling places, where they will stand at least six feet away from every table where votes are counted.

Workers counting votes occupied only the first rows of tables, leaving other tables empty and unused. The observers, on the other hand, were only allowed to watch them tabulate ballots from behind metal barriers.

Despite the six-feet distance and metal barriers, as well as the delay in the stationing of observers, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien still calls judge Fizzanno Cannon's ruling a "major victory" that will also allow the campaign to review the counts made earlier.

"The media and the insiders in the city, they've been trying to count Donald Trump out for years," Stepien told reporters. "Donald Trump is alive and well."

"We will win Pennsylvania," Stepien continued. "I have as much confidence today as I had yesterday. We also won a major victory in Pennsylvania this morning that helps ensure the transparency and openness that Pennsylvania deserves is held true."

Electoral cheating?

The report comes as great news especially for those who have reported what they claimed as illegal campaigning.

Earlier, Trump 2020 EDO director Mike Roman, speaking about the events that recently transpired in Philadelphia prior to judge Fizzanno Cannon's order, said Democrat officials are banning Trump campaign poll watchers and preventing them from monitoring the count, Breitbart News reported.

"The steal is on," Roman tweeted.

The Trump campaign official also tweeted a few images showing what he claimed as "illegal campaigning" happening inside a polling location in Philly. The images show a man in blue handing out sheets of paper to voters. The paper contains the names of Democratic candidates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and so on.

Other watchful citizens also shared images of illegal campaigning methods. One citizen shared images of posters, each containing the names of Democratic candidates, placed outside polling locations' main entryways. Another reported about a video of a speaker "blasting anti-Trump music in earshot of people waiting to vote."

There were also reports of polling places opening late, instead forcing voters go back to work without getting the chance to cast their ballots. Others report about unusable voting machines in polling places in Pro-Trump locations in Westmoreland and Philadelphia counties.