Congress ended what seemed to be a Christian prayer to pagan deities with the words "amen" and "awoman."

On Jan. 3, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver opened the first session of the 117th Congress with a seemingly Christian prayer addressed to a Hindu god. The ordained United Methodist minister ended the prayer with an "amen" and "awoman" -- a statement that most hearers took as a gender commentary.

Reports say that though the pastor from St. James United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri used languages filled with Christian themes and terminologies, he ended his utterance appealing to gods of various faiths. The representative and ordained pastor implied that the deities of different faiths are all the same.

"We gather now in this consequential chamber to inaugurate another chapter in our roller coaster representative government," uttered Cleaver. "The members of this august body acknowledge your sacred supremacy and therefore confess that without your favor and forbearance, we enter this new year relying dangerously on our own fallible nature," he added, as per the Daily Wire.

Conservatives went up to Twitter raging with various reactions hearing the Democratic representative's statement that seemed like a commentary on gender. On his Twitter update, Ben Shapiro of Daily Wire explained the meaning and usage of the word "amen." He later expressed his disappointment over what they heard.

Kassy Dillon, Lone Conservative founder posted an update expressing her reaction to the prayer. The Twitter post has been retweeted almost 300 times and people talking and commenting about it continue to increase.

Cleaver's attempt to render the term "amen" equal to both genders came days after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi together with Democratic Massachusetts Rep. James McGovern announced the release of their future-focused proposal. The proposal contains rules that will modify the use of pronouns in the house.

In their aim to honor all gender identities, the 48-page proposal orders to eliminate gender-specific pronouns such as father, mother, son, daughter, and alike. The resolution will require the use of more gender-inclusive pronouns such as a parent, child, sibling, and alike as replacements.

Reports reveal that with the recent events in the House, Congress has officially gone gender crazy. From the idea of eliminating the gender-specific pronouns as proposed by the present house speaker to the opening prayer that intended to lecture on gender inclusion not minding on the real meaning of the word "amen," conservatives are worried that the matter could go beyond just a simple playing along with words but could result to as far as what Canada is experiencing as of the moment.

The Stream's Dr. Michael Brown believes that the way the prayer went and the future-focused proposal goes beyond technical or legal language. It is a reflection of mindset and legal logic that shows where the culture of the country is headed.

The author reminded everyone to take the issues such as the "a-woman" prayer and the gender-inclusive proposal seriously and to bear in mind that "we can be compassionate to people in their struggles without engaging in their gender madness."