HBO host Bill Maher blamed Christianity for the Capitol Riots and mocked the Bible, particularly the Book of Revelation.

In his Friday episode of the show "Real Time with Bill Maher," the host claimed that the Capitol riot was attributed to Christianity and compared the Christian belief to QAnon conspiracy theory, The Blaze reported.

"As long as we're going to go to the trouble of another impeachment trial, we might as well be honest about what it's really about: The events of Jan. 6 were a faith-based initiative. And Trumpism is a Christian nationalist movement that believes Trump was literally sent from heaven to save them," he began.

He supported his statement by playing a clip from Sen. Tommy Tuberville's campaign ad claiming that God sent Trump "because God knew we were in trouble."

He stated that the Republicans should tell their supporters to move on from their belief that the election was rigged, claiming that it was a "mass delusion."

"And, of course, it is a mass delusion. But the inconvenient truth here is that, if you accord religious faith the kind of exalted respect we do here in America, you've already lost the argument that mass delusion is bad," he added.

He then mentioned the Book of Revelation in the Bible and compared the Christian belief to the QAnon theory.

QAnon is a theory that says Trump is waging a secret war against the elite and demonic pedophiles in media, business and the government, BBC explains.

 "It's fun to laugh at QAnon, with the baby-eating lizard people and the pedophile pizza parlors. But have you ever read the book of [Revelation]? That's the Bible. That's your holy book, Christians. And they've got seven-headed dragons and locusts that have the face of men and teeth of lions and other stuff you see after the guy in the park sells you bad mushrooms," he said.

Maher went on mocking, "All the armies of the world will gather and Jesus will come down on a flying horse, shooting swords out of his mouth and have a thousand-year cosmic-boss battle with Satan, the Beast, and the antichrist. ... It's like 10 'Avenger' movies plus 10 'Hobbit' movies plus a night out with Johnny Depp."

He further said that the "magical religious thinking" is a virus and that QAnon is just today's "mutation."

"That's why megachurches play QAnon videos. It's the same basic plot. 'Q' is the prophet and Trump is the messiah. There's an apocalyptic event looming, 'The Storm.' There's a titanic struggle of good versus evil, and if you want good to win, just keep those checks coming in," he added.

He said that Trump's supporters simply believe in him "because they're religious" and that being a "QAnon fanatic" equates to being a "fundamentalist Christian," adding that the senators who objected the certification of electoral vote in Arizona are evangelical Christians.

The report also mentioned that, interestingly, just a few weeks ago, Maher defended the Trump supporters saying that they should not be judged by 5,000 who joined in the riots when there are 74 million of them in the country.

"There's a difference between holding illiberal beliefs and acting violently on them," he said at the time.

It's also worth noting that the Capitol riot appears to have been planned and incited by leftists, as evidenced by some reports.