A Fair Health Study shows that lockdowns due to COVID-19 greatly affect the mental health of kids and often leads to suicide, a cause of death for kids that is more rampant than the infection of the virus itself.

In Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight broadcast on March 2, Carlson explained in depth how kids are 10 times more likely to die from suicide due to mental health issues brought about by the lockdown than "from the coronavirus they're meant to be protected from."

But despite knowing this information, Democrats continue to advertise the COVID-19 virus as something far more dangerous than it actually is just to keep people under their wings, Carlson said.

Carlson explained that the COVID-19 pandemic gave power to the democrats which may be the main reason why they scare people off to make people follow what they say.

In April last year, when the virus was just beginning to spread, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has helped Democrats maintain their power, said that the virus will last forever.

"I don't think we get back to normal," Cuomo said. "I think we get to a new normal."

Of course, some people accepted his words knowing how fast the virus can spread. But only a few months later, the rate of infection became slower and vaccines are being developed.

Still, Democrats argue that the vaccine will not help in getting back the normal lives of people.

Carlson quoted a mother in Los Angeles who said, "Kids are depressed, and dejected, and they are regressing," due to the lockdown.

He also referred to a recent study by Fair Health, to further support his claims.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on mental health, particularly on that of young people," Fair Health claimed.


A screengrab of the cover sheet for
A screengrab of the cover sheet for "The Impact of COVID-19 on Pediatric Mental Health"



The study also mentioned that they got their database off of 3.2 billion private healthcare claim records that have been tracking changes in children's mental health since January last year.

"School closures, having to learn remotely, and isolating from friends due to social distancing have been sources of stress and loneliness," Carlson said.

Even when restrictions were just newly imposed last year, the number of attempted suicides by children has skyrocketed already. Now imagine how much damage months of lockdown have done knowing that it already caused so much fuss in the beginning.

According to Fair Health, "Claim lines for intentional self-harm as a percentage of all medical claim lines in the 13-18 age group increased 90.71 percent in March 2020 compared to March 2019. The increase was even larger when comparing April 2020 to April 2019, nearly doubling (99.83 percent)."

Carlson also mentioned that there was a rise of "95 percent in March and then to 119 percent in April" in medical emergencies caused by drug overdose and an increase of 93.6 percent and 83.9 percent for claims of "anxiety disorder" and "major depressive disorder," respectively, for children aged 13 to 18, claiming that this is a result of the imposed lockdown, LifeSite News said.

"That is the new normal that Andrew Cuomo and The New York Times are working to make permanent in this country," Carlson said.

"This is the first of many studies that are going to tell us that many of these policies were basically an abuse by one group that has power over another group, and they exercise that power unfairly just because they could," Carlson added, pertaining to the Democrats' abuse of their power during this pandemic.

An example of Democrats' hypocrisy is when Matt Meyer was mocked by a group of parents for defying his own restriction on the shutting down of schools after it was revealed that he was sending his own children for private face-to-face lessons.

Meyer previously said that "Real-life children do not keep their masks on, they do not keep a distance from each other or their teachers. Given the realities of working with real children in person, we need to account for the inevitable lapses in risk mitigation practices by choosing a standard of lower transmission for reopening," which is in total contradiction to what he has done.