China was emboldened to showcase its military might over Taiwan because President Joe Biden's Administration focuses on LGBT and racism, as per a report.

"The Chinese are embolden with the Biden Administration running the military. Biden's team appears more interested in the color or sex of a soldier than with the nation and the world's safety," The Gateway Pundit said in its report on Wednesday.

The Gateway Pundit was referring to some 25 Chinese warplanes flying over Taiwan on Monday that included a simulated attack on a U.S. aircraft. The said warplane flew over the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone as part of an aerial campaign. This was followed by the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group sailing south of Taiwan, near the Philippines' northernmost island of Luzon.

Experts weighed in last week on the possibility of China invading Taiwan soon based on its mounting "power," "general increase in aggressiveness," and "cross-strait war." Days after, the warplanes and simulated attack already took place.

Channel News Asia said the incident happened with President Joe Biden's emissaries were traveling to Taiwan. Biden's emissaries were former Deputy Secretaries James Steinberg and Richard Armitage and former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd. They arrived in a private jet on Wednesday in Taiwan.

As per CNA, the 25 aircraft included nuclear-capable bombers and fighters, as a sign of China's disappointment over Taiwan's dealing with "external forces" -particularly the United States- that provoke and damage "peace and stability." CNA said China called the military exercise over Taiwan as "combat drills."

"The People's Liberation Army's organising of actual combat exercises in the Taiwan Strait is a necessary action to address the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and to safeguard national sovereignty," CNA quoted China's Taiwan Affairs Office Spokesperson Ma Xiaoguang in saying.

"It is a solemn response to external forces' interference and provocations by Taiwan independence. The PLA's military exercises and training operations are sending a signal that our determination to curb Taiwan independence and Taiwan-U.S. collusion is not just talk," he added.

Xiaoguang also said, as per CNA, that the arrival of Biden's emissaries "will only exacerbate the tense situation in the Taiwan Strait" and "will only push Taiwan towards disaster." He announced China's resolute opposition of the "U.S.' exaggeration of the so-called 'Chinese military threat' argument" and the "U.S. playing the 'Taiwan card' and continuing to send wrong signals to Taiwan independence forces."

Meanwhile, Deutsche Welle reported that the military planes flying over Taiwan is China's way of telling the United States "not to play with fire." DW quoted China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian telling reporters on Tuesday urging the United states "not to play with fire on the Taiwan issue, and immediately stop any increase in official contacts with Taiwan."

CNA said this is the first time China spoke about its military exercises over Taiwan after being almost quiet about it since their activities began in January.

The outlet also highlighted that the U.S. emissaries' arrival meant a "personal signal" of Biden's commitment to Taiwan. They will be meeting with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday. CNA cited Taiwan presidential spokesperson Xavier Chang in saying that the arrival of Biden's emissaries show a "rock solid" relationship between Taiwan and the U.S. and that it is a "full expression of cross-party support for Taiwan."