Biden Admin Undoing President Trump’s Efforts To Hold Communist China Accountable For ‘Bad Behavior’, Report Says

Joe Biden

President Trump's groundbreaking efforts to hold Communist China accountable for "bad behavior" is going nowhere thanks to the Biden admin and its new foreign policy strategies, a report reveals.

A new Republican Study Committee report reveals how the Biden administration is already beginning to undo the steps of former President Trump's actions against China. According to Breitbart, The Republican Study Committee released an RSC Backgrounder report titled "Biden on China-Bad Policies, Bad Personnel," which criticizes the Biden admin for stepping on the brakes in the race to counter communist China.

The report outlined how President Trump took bolder, tougher steps to confront China for its "bad behavior," which included "stealing U.S. intellectual property, infiltrating the U.S. education system, hijacking international organizations, and spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic."

Meanwhile, the Biden admin on the other hand has regressed in the fight to hold China accountable for their missteps. The report criticized President Biden for exhibiting weakness and copying former President Obama's "failed approach of engaging" instead of holding China accountable for their "bad behavior."

The report warns that communist China is looking to further strengthen its regime, oust the U.S. as a world leader, and claim a U.S-led international order to replace democratic values with those of Communism and authoritarianism.

Instead of holding Communist China accountable for their "bad behavior," the Biden admin suspended President Trump's E.O. 13920, which prevents China, Russia, and other adversaries from accessing or owning parts of the country's power grid.

Also in January, the Biden admin postponed to May the implementation of President Trump's EO 13959, which places sanctions on military companies of China that are operating in the United States. The Biden admin's Secretary of Commerce nominee Gina Raimondo also refused to keep the Chinese company Huawei on the Department of Commerce's Entities List, which is a trade blacklist.

The Biden admin, as an attempt to continue undoing President Trump's efforts of holding China accountable for their misdeeds, has also rejoined the World Health Organization and the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Aside from criticizing President Biden's undoing of former President Trump's efforts to hold Communist China accountable for their "bad behavior," the Republican Study Committee report also outlined the individuals in the Biden admin "who either have had links to the CCP, or have a record of weak statements and actions on confronting [China]," which include people in key positions in the government. This list includes National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, Under secretary of defense for policy nominee Colin Kahl, CIA Director William Burns, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Head of the Domestic Policy Council Susan Rice, and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, among others.

It is notable that several of these individuals occupy positions that directly impact the United States' security and intelligence operations.

President Biden has been vocal about not taking former President Trump's approach in dealing with China. CNBC reported that the new Commander in Chief said, "We will confront China's economic abuses [but] I'm not going to do it the way Trump did. We are going to focus on the international rules of the road."