Author and Speaker Trevor Loudon from Christchurch, New Zealand asserts that a Marxist-like takeover of the U.S. is unfolding at such a rapid pace in the Biden administration.

Speaking of the 2021 election, Donald Trump Jr. was quoted saying that it's "about freedom versus tyranny, capitalism versus socialism and communism." This was during an interview with Sean Hannity in October 2020. Back then, he also accused the Democrats of being complicit in the transformation of America into a far-left Marxist society with little space for dissent.

New Zealander Trevor Loudon says Trump Jr.'s words were accurate and that it's the fact as he sees them.

"What we see in the Biden Cabinet, as he is stacking his Cabinet and positions in the defense establishment, that disarmament community-everywhere you look, with Marxist pro-Chinese Maoists, people who have worked in Chinese organizations, Chinese media groups, Chinese academic organizations, people who have basically worked to bring down America for a very long time," said Loudon.


"The Biden administration is full of these people."

He singles out Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, whose father was "one of the world's leading Marxist intellectuals," and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh as individuals with strong communist roots.

"Everywhere you look, they're centralizing power at a dramatic rate, just like any communist revolution would do," Loudon observes.


Author, filmmaker and public speaker Trevor Loudon speaking during CPAC 2021.
Author, filmmaker and public speaker Trevor Loudon speaking during CPAC 2021.



Loudon also noted that the communist movement never disappeared.

"They had a major setback with the collapse of the Soviet Union in the '90s. But, you know, China has picked up that that slack and more, and China has a lot more money than the Soviet Union ever had," he said.

Senator Frank Church of Idaho, according to Loudon, "gutted the FBI and the CIA" when he was chairman of the Senate Church Committee in the 1970s.

"And so since that time, the FBI has basically left the Left alone. They don't monitor the communist movement; they don't even know that Black Lives Matter is a communist movement; they don't know it is directed to a large degree out of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco-they have ignored all of this," says Loudon.

He added that the communist movement has become stronger in the United States to the point that it today dominates not only the Democratic Party but also several other political and social institutions.

"But most Americans have no idea of this because the media is so much on the side of the Left," he says. "And the FBI is so negligent that we hear nothing about it. So, we're swimming in communism."

While this is a discussion about "politics" with Loudon having strong opinions- Stephen Strang of Charisma Podcast Network thinks that Christians must be mindful of what is really happening, even though it causes discomfort to some.

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