Sean Feucht continues with his revival campaign across America, bringing the worship concert to his high school hometown in Virginia.

On Instagram, Feucht posted a video clip taken from the "Let Us Worship" event held in Virginia Beach.

"Witnessing this in my high school hometown was SO WILD! One of the most hungry & passionate #LetUsWorship revivalists we've worshipped with!!" he wrote in the caption.

Speaking to CBN News, Feucht said that holding the event in the city is important to him since much of his "spiritual formation" occurred when he was in high school.

Though the event had to move inside a church due to bad weather conditions, people still showed up, hoping for an encounter with God.

As commonly seen in his concerts, people sang, danced and experienced the Holy Spirit. The group also ministered to individuals inflicted with anxiety, depression, and addiction. Many were healed and a number of people surrendered their lives to Christ.


Sean Feucht's Let Us Worship tour in Virginia (screenshot / Sean Feucht / Instagram)
Sean Feucht's Let Us Worship tour in Virginia (screenshot / Sean Feucht / Instagram)



Feucht explained that the mission of the movement is to uphold religious freedom and the First Amendment's rights of Americans, as well as to help people who are hurting, suicidal and suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

"...We felt like the Lord really shifted us hard into revival. This is the season. We've stood our ground. We made a statement, we're not going to back down but we've got to offer more. We can't just be a political solution - it's got to be a heaven solution," he added.

He pointed out that the country needs revival.

"We need revival in America and that's what we're pressing in for. That's what we're believing for in every city we go to."

"As long as people keep coming to go after Jesus, we'll keep doing it. America is at a tipping point and we need revival in this hour like never before," he added.

Feucht also spoke about revival when his team went to Fort Worth, Texas on June 6, ministering to all kinds of people desperate for the touch of God.

"The church is getting her fire back. This is a season where God is releasing Holy Spirit fire on His people," he said.

Tina Gentilini, a participant during the worship concert in Virginia, told the news outlet that God has healed her from pain and prayed for others to be restored as well.

"I want to see Jesus lifted up tonight. I'm praying for a sending of hearts and souls to Him. He is the Healer. It's like a new lease on life," Gentilini said.

Feucht posted the schedule of their events on social media. His team is set to visit Alabama, Georgia, Illinois and Michigan for the remainder of the month. For July, he would be touring some cities in Pennsylvania, New York, California, Arkansas, Idaho and Montana. In August, the worship concert would continue in Montana through the city of Billings, before heading to Washington and Oregon.