Sean Feucht is grateful to God for saving his home from the recent California fire.

In his social media post, Feucht posted a video clip of an area near his house covered in smoke.

"Just got home to celebrate Fathers Day with my kids to see this behind my house," he said in the caption.

"PRAY FOR US IN NORCAL TODAY!!! It's too early for Fire season already! We need some of that Georgia rain...," he added.

In a statement to The Christian Post, the singer's spokesperson, Whitney Whitt, said that the fire was almost six miles away from his house.

"The smoke was coming right over their property," Whitt also stated.

According to Redding Record Searchlight, the fire started on Sunday afternoon southeast of Millville, first reported at 3:30 p.m. When firefighters arrived at the scene, the blaze was just about 15 acres. By 7 p.m., it had grown to over 400 acres but was 10% contained.

The blaze spread to 600 acres overnight but was 25% contained.

"Firefighters made significant progress overnight as cooler temperatures aided in decreased fire activity. Firefighters continued to work on increasing containment lines and mopping up," California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said on Monday morning.

By evening, the fire increased to 761 acres but containment was at 50%.

Feucht also shared the development on Instagram.

"The fire is contained thanks to Cal Fire and JESUS!!" he wrote.

The fire had not grown on Tuesday and remained 50% contained.

Two structures were destroyed and a firefighter was injured, as a result of the fire. The cause has yet to be determined and is currently under investigation.

 Feucht, who reaches out to people across the country and campaigns for revival through worship concerts, will be heading to Illinois and Michigan for the rest of the month.

In an article in his website, the singer said that America is battling an identity crisis.

"We are torn between two beliefs. Fearlessly follow the God who redeemed us or serve the whims of our current culture," he continued.

He compared this occurrence to the biblical time when an evil king, Ahab, ruled Israel.

"At a time when years of drought and the pressure of culture had pressed them hard, Elijah stood on Mount Carmel and challenged the people: 'How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him,'" the worship leader wrote.

Feucht said that Elijah's message is the same for the church today.

The country has been locked down, divided and "marginalized" with stories "of fear, paranoia, and hopelessness."

But he said that these things are not new to the Church. Jesus already warned that Christians will face persecution as a consequence of following Him.

The worship leader further cited examples of these forms of current persecution in United States.

First is California's prohibition of church gatherings, demanding believers to forsake their duties as "hands and feet of Christ." Feucht said that many believers followed the local government's mandates and it caused a lot of suffering, such as suicide, family separation, alcoholism and drug abuse, among others.

Another is Big Tech's censorship, labeling Bible verses as "offensive content." The singer said that it happened to him when details of his "Let Us Worship" events were censored and erased on various social media platforms.

He then urged the American people to follow God.

"If God be God, we must follow Him, though all the world come against us," he pointed out.

He also called for people to pray, worship and be bold in serving God.

"And no matter what comes, LET US WORSHIP," Feucht concluded.