A Christian Mom from Croydon, England reportedly sued a London school in court for forcing her son to participate in a gay pride parade against their religious beliefs.

The Christian Headlines said Izzy Montague has filed the lawsuit at the Central London County Court against Heavers Farm Primary School for victimization, indirect and direct discrimination, and violation of the Human Rights Act 1998 and Education Act 1996 since her son was forced to join the pride parade. The hearing of the case will begin on July 14.

According to Christian Headlines, Montague was told by the school's headteacher that they could not opt out of the pride parade even though it was against their religious beliefs. She then asked to withdraw her son from the school since her concerns were not taken seriously. The school then became "antagonistic" towards her.

Montague, being a Christian, explained that she withdrew her son from the school out of wanting her child to "receive an education, rather than indoctrination" and not as a means to stop the pride parade.

"I am taking this stand to raise awareness amongst parents as to what is happening in our primary schools. I do not want other parents to go through what I have in the months and years ahead," Montague told the Christian Headlines.

'It's not about living in a vacuum, it's about (parents giving kids their own) opinions of the world around us," she added during an interview with Good Morning Britain.

During the interview with Good Morning Britain, she also pointed out that it would be better for parents to teach subjects like LGBT rights to the children and not the schools.

The Christian Concern, which assists Montague through their Christian Legal Center on the case, said that the incident took place in 2018, her son being a four-year-old at the time, "against her wishes." Christian Concern helped Montague file a complain to the Department of Education but they had to proceed in filing the case instead.

Christian Concern pointed out that the government has introduced a new Relationships and Sex Education guidance in schools that "conflicts with the Human Rights Act 1998." The said guidelines actually teach on marriage and family life, among others, including gender identity.

Although the guidelines specify that it should be "age appropriate" and "must have regard for the religious background of the pupils," it also conflicts with "the obligation of schools to respect the right of parents to raise their children in accordance with their religious and philosophical convictions."

Carers Want Competence, in addition, said Montague told the Department of Education Secretary that she was "bullied" for being "forced to take part in an event that goes against our Christian beliefs." She said the school has undertaken "systematic proselytism of its young and vulnerable pupils."

Carers Want Competence, a Facebook page created to expose abuses by local authorities and care professionals, disclosed that during Montague's meeting with Heavers Farm Primary School & Nursery Headteacher Susan Papas, the School Manager who happened to be Papas' lesbian daughter, Attie, came in wearing a t-shirt printed with, "Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?"

"Papas daughter (Attie) has shown her arrogance and complete intolerance to difference of opinion by wearing the T shirt deliberately to provoke Izzy," the page stressed.

In addition, Carers Want Competence revealed that Papas has a history of attacking students and their parents if they do not participate in LGBT lessons and activities. During that 2018 Gay Pride Parade, there were 14 Christian parents who complained against Susan for "forcing a very aggressive LGBT agenda on to young children in a manner which abuses parental rights and victimizes parents." But Susan only retorted that the school is "against homophobia."

There were also two 10-year-old children that was suspended after asking permission not to participate in the school's LGBT session. Carers Want Competence said the two children, Farrell Spence and Kaysey Francis, were of African descent and were classmates. Spence, being Catholic, came up to their teacher Alex Smith after he was handed out a material for coloring.

The material was of LGBT content so Spence asked Smith if he could not take part in the lesson but was denied it. Smith then accused Spence of using "homophobic language," particularly "LGBT sucks and LGBT's dumb."

Susan then called in the children and shouted at them, calling them "a disappointment to the school." The children were then scolded separately by Attie who accused them of saying they wanted to "kill LGBT people." The children denied everything accused them but still ended up being suspended for five days after experiencing "detention from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm" on the day of the incident.

The Christian Concern said the incidents happening in the school show how "damaging the impact of the LGBT agenda" has become, especially to children. The Christian Concern released a video on Kaysey where she testified on her experience in the school.

"Kaysey was manipulated, bullied & unlawfully excluded by her headteacher for alleged anti-LGBT comments. Kaysey categorically denies the allegations and she is backed by children in her class," the Christian Concern said.