After a 16-month hiatus conference-less and gather-lessness, this July kickoff of the International Religious Freedom Conference Summit marks a special turning point year in 2021 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC where advocates from around the world gather and fellowship with supporters to learn and commemorate the issues from persecution to liberty to freedom from around the world. In addition to co-chairs Katrina Lantos Swett and Ambassador Sam Brownback, a bipartisan group of lawmakers serve as honorary co-chairs of the summit. This is the first of an annual event outside of the U.S. State Department ministerial setting and first for Ambassador Sam Brownback since leaving office.

Unique to the economic benefits to the international religious community are the outpouring growth of community of people bringing their whole selves - faith and all - to work- every day. As more of global Fortune 100 corporations recognizes this phenomenon taking its roots of whole selves' concept of non-discrimination can foster a heighten camaraderie of personal empower for both the sponsoring organizations as to the individual.

Ingrid Vanderveldt echoes the Business sentiment of bringing full self to work sentiment in that when you have people like business owners and fortune 100 CEO's or national leaders like Susan Hutchison talk about their faith do business in how adding value to everyday creativity in business enterprises of whole self-concept then entrepreneur paradigm begins to shift.

IRF HERO Champion AWARD for Civil Society and Business Leadership Winner 2021 KATHY IRELAND

Katrina Lantos posed several key points to this years IRF Hero Award Winner Kathy Ireland, who reminds us "as business leaders we facilitate values safety, individuals and freedom. Kathy further the sentiment that defending the right to live the kind of faith of black bird story of if we don't lives will be lost." Business leaders ought to join IRF so the trends must be reverse and so the sweetness of freedom should be present in our daily life. Black Bird performed by Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr will always reminds us."


The 2021 Earth's Champions Award Blackbird song sung by Paul McCarthy with Religious Freedom platform philanthropy today of marketing conglomerate and women licensing firm was presented to Kathy Ireland. Using her business instinct and interest Kathy has seen firsthand the accounts of people like Asia Bibi and the Women on the panel sharing stories of facing death and persecution like Grace Gao, A China Human Rights Activists to Mariam Ibraheem whom birth a baby while imprisoned and Irene Weiss, a Holocaust Survivor to multitude of company of people in the room praying around the globe. She was gratefully introduced from Dr. Graham from Tina Ramirez of Hard Wired to be further involved with continued religious freedom and the role of business philanthropy role's continual important undertaking into the future.

Ireland concludes her remarks by addressing to the faithful audiences that "Reminding us even here in the United States our freedom is a gift from God and places like Mother Emmanuel Church in South Carolina this award belongs to courageous heroes around the world who boldly live their faith for they had been badly treated."

"Hebrews 13: 3 tells us, "Remember the prisoners as those who are in prison and those who are badly treated, since you yourselves also are in the body. Above All I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Everything and I thank you to protect my right. Love Conquers Hate."

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