A university in Pennsylvania has set "racial quotas" for body parts of Black babies killed via abortion, a report reveals

The University of Pittsburgh has been harvesting fetal tissue from the United States Department of Health and Human Services for the last five years and has now set its racial quotas for "aborted babies whose organs it harvests for scientific research," Life News reported.

Life News said the Center for Medical Progress and Judicial Watch has exposed the fetal harvesting practices of the university in a 252-page document obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and released this week.

As per Life News, the Department of Health and Human Services was sued by the Center for Medical Progress and Judicial Watch when it did not provide the documents after requesting through the FOIA.

The obtained documents revealed that the HHS has already released a minimum of $2.7 million taxpayer funds to the University of Pittsburgh as its "tissue hub" for scientific research on aborted baby body parts. The document also showed that the university sets racial targets for its fetal harvests.

Judicial Watch particularly cited a page 184 of the "JW v HHS NIH July 2021 Records" with a study title of "Research on tissue from an elective or spontaneous abortion < 24 weeks gestation" and has the subject "Planned Enrollment Report."

The report lists the total number of collected fetal parts from aborted babies 25-42 weeks in gestation according to "Ethnic Categories." The categories are subclassified to being "Hispanic or Latino" or not, and each is further categorized into gender as "female" or "male."

It specified "Racial Categories" as either" "American Indian/Alaska Native," "Asian," "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander," "Black or African American," "White," and "More than One Race." The July 2021 record needed a total of 400 fetal tissues, with half expected to "be collected under this IRB approved project" that it intends to obtain from collections "throughout the US."

Broken down into the racial categories, collections needed for White fetal parts were the highest at 220 that was followed by 110 for Black fetal parts, Asians at 50, and "More than One Race" at 20, while the rest had zero for requirements. This corresponds to fetal parts requested under "Not Hispanic or Latino Female" for "White" at 200 followed by "Black or African American" at 100 with the female under "Hispanic or Latino" registering the lacking 20 and 10 for each racial category, respectively.

Center for Medical Progress Founder David Daleiden likened the document they obtained from the HHS to "an episode of American Horror Story" for it showed "government-sponsored fetal experimentation at the University of Pittsburgh" that was taken from "aborted fetal organs" and targets "pregnant women and fetuses based on race."

"The NIH grant application for just one of Pitt's numerous experiments with aborted infants reads like an episode of American Horror Story. Infants in the womb, some old enough to be viable, are being aborted alive and killed for organ harvesting, in order to bring in millions of dollars in taxpayer funding for Pitt and the Planned Parenthood abortion business it support," Daleiden disclosed.

"People are outraged by such disregard for the lives of the vulnerable. Law enforcement and public officials should act immediately to bring the next Kermit Gosnell to justice under the law," he added.

In addition, the Center for Medical Progress highlighted page 7 of the HHS grant to the University of Pittsburgh wherein the latter proposed that "its existing fetal tissue collection 'can be significantly ramped up'" to supply its nationwide-research "with aborted fetal kidneys, bladders, and other organs and body parts from healthy fetuses aborted up to 6 months old."

The center also stressed how the university advertises to the government why it should be the best location for fetal harvesting since its "Ischemia time is minimized" and it uses "labor induction" for its ""procedure that will be used to obtain the tissue" in addition to its fetal harvesting by "sex/gender, race, and ethnicity."

"Furthermore, Pitt also states in the application that its GUDMAP fetal harvesting program will feature "Inclusion (or exclusion) of individuals on the basis of sex/gender, race, and ethnicity" and sets quotas of 50% white patients and aborted fetuses, and 50% minority patients and fetuses, with a full 25% of the fetuses harvested to come from Black women (pgs. 74-76). Allegheny County, the major metropolitan area from which Pitt-based abortion practices draw patients, is 80% white and only 13% Black," the center stressed.

According to the Center for Medical Progress, their expose on the University and the NIH is part of their "amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court in the Dobbs v. Jackson 15-week abortion limit case."

Dobbs v. Jackson is a case filed by the state of Mississippi that asks the Supreme Court to review and possibly overturn the "egregiously wrong" Roe v. Wade ruling. It is a controversial case that has become a test case of the Supreme Court to decide the constitutionality of abortions for 15 weeks of pregnancy, which is subject to debate on the unborn child as being "human."