Rock Church Founder Miles McPherson reportedly asked for prayers for his wife as she battles COVID-19 complications in an undisclosed hospital.

The Christian Post reported that McPherson made an emotional plea on Instagram for prayers for his wife, Debbie, on Friday who is "in the hospital for COVID complications." McPherson, Senior Pastor of The Rock in San Diego, California, eventually expressed on Sunday his gratitude for those who prayed for his wife who has shown improvements.

In his Instagram post on Friday, Miles told his more than 77,000 followers who he calls his "family" that he has a "very important request" and a "big favor" to ask, which was prayers for his wife. McPherson said at that time that it was "serious" since he can't be with her due to the restrictions and it was breaking his heart.

"Please pray for God to heal her breathing and her oxygen levels to normalise and all of her other symptoms to be cleared. God knows what all that means," Miles said.

"I believe that prayers work family," he added before quoting James 5:16, which spoke on the efficacy and power of prayer.

Miles, a former National Football Player and actor turned cocaine addict before he became a youth preacher after his conversion in 1983, also asked hospital workers to "take good care" of his wife in his Instagram post. He pleaded God for the healing of his wife citing Jesus Christ's Biblical healings of "the blind, mute, deaf, crippled," so she may "come home" to him already.

"Lord Please heal my wife, Your daughter Debbie McPherson Please bring her home to me. Please fill her room n heart with your peace. I declare Your powerful healing on her life. Lord, you healed the blind, mute, deaf, crippled and even raised the dead. Please heal Debbie. I love my wife!" Miles prayed.

Miles then revealed on Sunday in his "Praise report" that his wife needed 40 liters per minute of "'high flow' oxygen" last Friday in order to breathe because she was only getting 92% of her ideal supply of oxygen.

He explained that a normal person gets 98%-100% saturation rate or needed supply of oxygen even while "seating down" and reading his post. But because of all the people praying for them, his wife's oxygen saturation rate rose to 97% by Sunday night and her CT Scan for blood clots showed negative. Miles then thanked all those who prayed for them and praised God for it all.

"I can't thank all of you enough for your prayers. People from all over the world have reached out to pray for my wife Debbie in her battle with Covid and I have a huge PRAISE report to give. Miracles are best served in context so let me give that to you," Miles declared.

"Praise God! This is amazing! Lets please give God praise. Thank you Jesus for the progress in my wife's lungs. You are the great physician," he added. "Let's keep praying because she's not home yet but she sure took a huge step in that direction."

Miles, who founded the Rock Churck in 2000, is currently known as a motivational speaker and author of three books. The Christian Post revealed that the Rock Church had to close its doors to in-person worship last May when staff members from various locations and microsites turned positive to COVID-19 despite following California's guidelines.