A Christian mom from Oregon whose 8-month-old baby was almost hit by the Antifa flash bomb reportedly blasted the media for its biased coverage of the attack.

Faithwire said the mother of eight, Jamee Anatello, condemned the media for not reporting the full story on what happened to her and her baby during the August 7 prayer rally of Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski held at the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland.

The said event is called "Courageous Truth" and is part of Pawlowski's tour on his experience with the police and local authorities during the pandemic. Antifa was caught on video ruthlessly attacking the event's attendees who were mostly Christians and included children. The children attacked were toddlers aged "four months old to like 10" years of age, of which were Anatello's children.

"No local media has taken my story. I spoke with two different stations and they rejected it. I believe that the reason they have not taken my story is because the narrative around here is that the Proud Boys are white supremacists when they're not. And people around here just refuse to name Antifa as dangerous," Anatello told The Christian Post in an interview.

Anatello pointed out that the Antifa has been "praised" by the media for their support of Black Lives Matter, which the Proud Boys detest. The media, she stressed, has fallen "silent" to the Antifa who she called "dangerous." She revealed she confronted the media for being biased during a press conference held in the city last Friday.

"Antifa has been praised as being... not just anti-fascist...they care about Black Lives Matter...They've been seen on video harassing and being violent toward gay people, Asians, black people, transgenders, and the media has stayed silent toward that....I want people to know that...that is who they are. They are racist and...dangerous," Anatello said.

"Every single local news station denied my story! You rejected it in favor of one man with an airsoft gun. No Proud Boys were present that day," she recalled stating to the media.

During her interview, Anatello narrated that she attended the event with her husband and five of their children after "judging" carefully the "safety" of the event. She arrived "20 to 30 minutes early" and was then surprised that the Antifa appeared there in numbers more than the event's actual participants.

"I've always judged the events really well...what's safe to take my kids to, what's not. It never once crossed my mind that this would be an event they would show up to before the event even started," Anatello said.

When the Antifa threw the flash bomb, Anatello's baby daughter was almost wounded and could have been seriously injured had it not for a friend who "put her arm infront of the infant's face." Her friend suffered instead with bruises, blisters, and welts on her arm and hands, as well as, her feet.

After Antifa threw the flash bomb, Anatello's husband started capturing what's happening on video. One of their videos showed the Antifa throwing flash grenades at the crowd. Anatello said the media ignored their story and gave emphasis to the Proud Boys who the Antifa encountered after coming from the park.

The Antifa was seen in videos of the incident carrying shields, umbrellas, and weapons when they arrived at the park. They were yelling profanities at the participants before they started spraying mace at the crowd. Pawlowski was one of those whose face was hit by the mace. The Antifa took with them the sound system before they left and threw it to the Willamette River afterwards.

Anatello was reported by Newsmax on Monday to have shown up in a Black Lives Matter event since "they messed with the wrong mom." Newsmax said Anatello's video going to the BLM had gone viral.