A group of American churches is facilitating a charity effort for the people of Haiti who were affected by the recent calamities.

The Potter's House (TPH), a church founded by Bishop T.D. Jakes, joined Florida's Tabernacle of Glory (TOG) and New York's Perfecting Faith Church (PFC) to help the victims, The Christian Post (CP) reported.

In a statement released to CP, United MegaCARE, TPH's humanitarian division, said that it aims to provide relief operation in two phases.

"For this latest endeavor, our objective is to meet the immediate need following both the 7.2 magnitude earthquake earlier this month and Tropical Storm Grace. We're currently focused on helping offset the cost of relief kits (and efforts) currently underway with our partners on-the-ground in Haiti and partners making their way to Haiti," it said.

"Our financial contributions to our team members on the ground in Haiti is part of our Phase 1 relief efforts. Supplies like tents, PPE, non-perishable food and emergency supplies are all part of the kits being developed. Our Phase 2 relief efforts are currently in development following an additional on-site assessment of the people, their needs and future requirements. The timeline for Phase 2 relief efforts are not yet finalized," the group added.

"The Potter's House is committed to helping meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Haiti," Bishop Jakes stated.

The ministers of the other partner churches also shared their statements on the initiative.

"This is the time, more than ever, to show love to others," TOG Pastor Gregory Toussaint said.

"Through this disaster relief effort, we will supply resources that will assist with the essentials for living in this emergency. We collaborate in this relief effort to be our 'brother's keeper,'" PFC Pastor Donnie McClurkin added.

TPH, via PR Newswire, provided ways on how to take part in the effort.

On August 14, Haiti was hit with 7.2 magnitude earthquake, leading to the loss of 2,207 lives. It also injured 12,200 individuals and destroyed 50,000 homes.

But the Haitians' conditioned worsened when the storm struck the nation two days later.

Thousands of humanitarian organizations who are operating in the country have already started helping the victims. But aside from the pair of disasters, the groups were also faced with security concerns. Relief efforts were reportedly hampered with truck hijackings and gang activities.

However, Prime Minister Ariel Henry gave an assurance that the help will reach the victims.

To protect the shipment of aid, Haiti's National police already deployed additional units.

The assistance given to the victims are mostly for immediate recovery, but according to Christy Delafield, a member of the humanitarian group Mercy Corps, the organization also tries to provide help for the people's "longer-term goals," such as having a small business or teaching skills to the youth. The group also helps the local farmers in improving their income and farming practices to mitigate effects of future disasters.

 Further, Delafield shared that cash is the best assistance that can be given to the victims since aside from their basic needs, which are usually what the aid agencies are providing, the people also have other specific needs that have to be addressed.