A Kentucky woman was healed from terminal cancer by the power of prayer.

Raina Simpson, a former cheerleading coach at Somerset Christian School (SCS), shared that in June 2020, she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to her liver. Prior to the discovery of the illness, she only had anemia.

Her doctors at the Markey Cancer Center were already telling her to prepare for the worst. But knowing that God is in control of everything, including her healing from the disease, she called on to God by praying relentlessly, alongside her friends and family.

The people gathered around her house for a prayer walk. The scene was even captured by her friend through a drone footage, which Simpson shared online.

"... This was an unbelievable experience and such a gift from the Lord. People from all different backgrounds walking around my house asking the God of the Universe to have mercy and heal me! They Prayed and Sang and brought joy to my entire family. Such a gift!" she captioned the post.

After more than a year, her cancer was gone.

Speaking to WKYT, Simpson declared that it was God Who healed her.

"The people that God has sent to me and put in my neighborhood. Everything makes sense. The school and my family just everyone, that God has put in my path, it's shaped me profoundly," she said.

She celebrated her victory by ringing the bells at the school where she used to work and at the hospital.

Todd Meadows, pastor of Grace Baptist Church, attended her celebration at SCS.

"We started praying ... that God would do a miracle...It was just everyone trusting the Lord. We're here today because God is an awesome God; he's a powerful God; he's a God who heals and a God who saves," Meadows told the Commonwealth Journal.

Recalling her battle with the illness for the last 13 months, Simpson felt overwhelmed of overcoming it.

"But it was one of those moments you say, 'I can't believe it. I can't believe it, does that mean the race is over?' Because, it's weird, you don't know you crossed the finish line," she stated.

Though she still needs to go to the hospital for some treatments, she said that it will be an opportunity to encourage other patients.

Standing by her motto to "trust God and laugh and do the next thing", she plans to start a ministry that offers resources to cancer patients and building a vacation home for them.

One of the things she learned during her treatment is that, a person who is stricken with illness has a lot of emotional needs.

"It's important to keep your spirits up because once you mentally go down, you're physically down," she noted.

Simpson realized that in times of suffering, having people by your side is necessary. She added that someone should not suffer alone because the Lord Jesus Christ is using His people to help those who are in need.