"Duck Dynasty" great Phil Robertson lamented the disrespect among the current generation toward their elders and authorities simply due to lack of training or discipline.

The host shared his observation during an episode of the show, "In the Woods with Phil," captured by The Blaze.

"Respect for the old graybeards like me - it's gone - and respect for mom and dad. America's family structure is in collapse-mode right now, and it's a sad thing to watch. Their offspring, they were never taught to respect their elders, law enforcement, government officials, older people ... they don't know what respect is because they were never taught, trained, or disciplined."

Robertson recalled that his parents, whom he said were "the greatest generation" disciplined him every time he failed to follow them. He also remembered that back when they were in school, they also follow their teachers.

He cited a couple of reasons why people today lack discipline - not having a family structure and criminalizing discipline in schools.

But he said that the absence of discipline will only lead to the demise of respect, hurting the country.

"...when discipline flies away, so does respect for others whether they be old, your neighbor, the store owner, law enforcement and all the rest of them. We're dying in America because of lack of discipline."

Robertson then shared Hebrews 12:7 to point out the importance of a father in a child's life.

He continued reading four more verses of the chapter to emphasize the relevance of discipline and its fruits.

Further, he said that Americans should repent and start disciplining their children as God does to the people he loves.

"Discipline is biblical... So to America, I say, we all need to repent. I mean, repent in a hurry. Turn to God. Love your children and discipline them. God disciplines the ones he loves."

He also advised others to keep their faith in God even when something is not right for them, since perhaps they are just being disciplined by God.

He then read the Book of Ephesians to remind about wives to respect their husbands and for the latter to not be harsh to their spouses. He went on to say that children should obey their parents which pleases the LORD.

In conclusion, Robertson expressed his hope that America would return to God.

"It's not deep theology. It's just common sense... I hope our nation turns back to God and maybe this generation maybe known as the greatest. You have to understand I have my doubts. All the people out there worth the effort."

Watch Robertson talk about the topic below:

According to a study by the University of Minnesota, conducted on 35-year old parents, spanking children, ages two to 12 years old, has dropped to 35% in 2017 from 50% in 1993. For children, ages two to four years old, the rate of spanking also went down from 60% in 1993 to just 39% in 2017.

 Though some studies reportedly state that spanking has negative effects on children, it is a form of discipline. The current generation's decline of respect toward their elders and authorities, as noted by Robertson, may be partly attributed to this decrease.