Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly removed charitable funding for women in crisis out of his advocacy for women's rights, according to Vote Family, an organization providing "unbiased" information on the stance of political parties in relation to family issues and concerns.

"'Feminist' Justin Trudeau values women so much that he will revoke charitable status from pregnancy resource centers which help pregnant women in desperate and vulnerable situations," Vote Family President Mattea Merta retorted in Twitter on September 2.

Merta, a United Nations representative and writer at The Post Millenial, explained in her Instagram account that Trudeau, who heads Canada's Liberal Party, will be removing charitable funding for anti-abortion organizations for "providing dishonest counseling" to women in crisis in line with his campaign advocating feminists AKA "women empowerment."

Merta pointed out that Trudeau obviously has no idea that the organizations he intends to defund actually helps a lot of women.

'The Liberal Party of Canada's new policy (which will be implemented if they win in this upcoming election on September 20) is as follows: 'No longer provide charity status to anti-abortion organizations (for example, Crisis Pregnancy Centres) that provide dishonest counseling to women about their rights and about the options available to them at all stages of the pregnancy'," Merta announced.

"Umm, clearly no Liberal candidate, policy wonk, Trudeau himself or those in the Liberal Party hierarchy have a clue as to what crisis pregnancy centers do day in and day out," she added.

In her Instagram post, Merta disclosed that she has worked with numerous "women, teens, their boyfriends, husbands, parents" who have received "material, financial, health, familial, spiritual, and many other needs" from pregnancy resource centers.

She highlighted that women who were initially considering abortion have actually changed their minds once they discovered the vast assistance pregnancy resource centers can provide them. She gave importance to government funding of such anti-abortion organizations that do help women and their children in the long-run.

"Many women seeking abortion have told me personally that because they found out about their local crisis pregnancy center that they chose to keep their child, got financial assistance and even had relationship counseling with their significant other pre-birth and years afterward. Oh yeah, and they even help women and their families if they've had an abortion," Merta emphasized.

"Every government, regardless of the political banner it waves, should be funding these centers, they are the definition of hope, help and healing in Canada's communities," she said.

Trudeau, who is running for re-election for the second time, is a renowned leader who "care deeply about women's rights." It comes as no surprise that one of the agenda in Trudeau's Liberal Party Platform, which asserts the need to move "Forward. For Everyone.", is to "support women and families" through "health care or child care."

However, the National Post said Trudeau only uses this as part of his campaign for he has not really provided health care access to abortion to the detriment of pro-choice women who supported him in the last six years of his administration. Accordingly, Trudeau's "shiny new promises" for his campaign this year include"axing anti-abortion organizations' charity status" and "establishing regulations about accessibility for sexual and reproductive health services under the Canada Health Act."

But Merta rebutted claims that women empowerment comes from having access to abortion, as well as, abortion being an act of "caring" for women. She underscored that it is nothing but a "lie" out of the agenda of those earning money from it in the industry.

"Abortion is not healthcare. It's a death sentence to an unborn child. Killing isn't caring," Merta declared.

"Abortion is sold as the primary expression of female empowerment. What a literal bloody lie," she stressed. "Abortion has never been a "right" and in my experience, those that promote it as such clearly have an agenda--one primarily driven by $."