Caleb + Kelsey's Kelsey Grimm has just published a new book that encourages Christian women to see their value and identity only in Christ.

Grimm's book, "Over It: Forgetting Who You're Expected to Be and Becoming Who You Already Are," chronicles her own painful journey of recovery after trying to live up to others' expectations for much of her life.

Grimm has reportedly fought her way through the music business and the rigors of being an Instagram and TikTok influencer. It's also not uncommon to see her and her husband, Caleb, from Anthem Lights, doing praise songs on YouTube. She shared more of her thoughts on the subject in a recent interview with The Christian Post.

"I spent most of my life trying to be who I thought other people needed me to be. It's where I placed my worth," she said.

"Ultimately, this led me down a dark and damaging road that culminated in an abusive relationship, a suicidal night on a bridge in Nashville and a desperate feeling of hopelessness," she added. "They were the darkest years of my life - years I didn't think I'd survive, honestly. But all along, God was there. He never left me. Even when I couldn't see, He was orchestrating a rescue plan for my life."

Grimm overcame her ordeal with much effort and professional counseling, and now she wants to share with others that recovery and wholeness are also possible through Christ.

"No place is too dark for God to pull you from. And I am walking, living proof of that truth," she said.

Thus, her book is a gentle reminder to Christian women who are struggling with thoughts of worthlessness and the weight of fulfilling the expectations of others. It brings them back to the Biblical truth that they are already loved by God.

"You are worthy of love, of good, of blessings and honor simply because you're a child of God," she proclaimed. "When culture tries to tell you you're not enough, just remember who created you and whose image you bear."

Grimm also encouraged anyone contemplating suicide to ask for help from others and to find their worth in Christ.

"There are so many people that would be honored to walk you through this season of your life," she assured. "There are always brighter days ahead but get help through the dark ones."

Grimm also advises Christians who are grappling with their beliefs to surround themselves with friends who "who give you space to ask questions and sit with you wherever you are on your faith journey."

"Sometimes, leaning into a season where you have more questions than answers isn't a bad place to be," she pointed out. "Ask God to open your eyes to see - I promise you He will. But know that there's no 'wrong way' to have faith."

Dubbed as Caleb + Kelsey, Grimm and her husband are renowned for their cover versions of famous songs by contemporary and Christian musicians. They also have original recordings.

"Over It, Forgetting Who You're Expected to be and Becoming Who You Already Are" is currently available at bookstores nationwide.