A progressive pro-life group launched in Washington DC last Friday reportedly blasted the pro-abortion elites and affirmed their stand beside conservatives in fighting for the unborn.

The Christian Post reported that former Democrats for Life of America President Terrisa Bukovinac launched the new pro-life group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising that's set to "reclaim progressivism for life."

The new group was launched on the steps of the United States Supreme Court on the evening before the far-left event Women's March. The launching was attended mostly by Democrats and progressives and a few conservative pro-lifers.

During her address, Bukovinac raised that abortion activists have twisted the minds of progressives pushing them into extreme abortion. She raised that progressive belief and priorities originally aligns with the pro-life position.

"To be progressive, you must stand with the oppressed, never the oppressor. To be progressive, you must be in solidarity with low-income people and trust that they know their own needs. And to be progressive, you must stick up for the marginalized. But the abortion industrial complex twists all of that on its head," Bukovinac said.

Bukovinac raised that the abortion industry has redefined to be progressive, which is one who is violent against the unborn who are basically helpless and marginalized. She also pointed out that part of the lies the abortion industry has created is that a lot of the people they claim they are pushing the pro-choice programs do support abortion. She underscored that it is actually the elite that directs the abortion industry and not those who are poor.

"They'll tell you that to be progressive, you must advocate for mass acts of violence against children in the womb who are utterly incapable of defending themselves. They'll tell you that to be progressive, you must ignore the voices of low-income people who are more anti-abortion than the wealthy by huge margins. If it were up to those who make less than $40,000 a year, Roe v. Wade would be in the ash heap of history," Bukovinac stressed.

"In this twisted version of progressivism, it's the rich who know best. And they'll tell you that to be progressive, you cannot, under any circumstances, advocate for the most...marginalized among us," she added.

In addition, Bukovinac alleged that businesses have also jumped into the pro-choice wagon with vested interests of advancing their economic gain. She expressed "wonder" on how such big corporations implement their paternal leave policies and their actual dependency on the abortion industry for their profits.

Bukovinac, in ending, pointed out that abortion is essentially not progressive per se but the opposite of it, something she is in total opposition to and, as such, is set to reclaim the true meaning of it.

"Abortion is not progress. Abortion is a regress to the pseudo-morality of might makes right and as progressives, we will not stand for it. We are reclaiming progressivism for life," Bukovinac declared.

According to their website, the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising is committed to "progressive feminist values," which are equality, nondiscrimination, and non-violence; excellence, victory, direct action, unparalleled bravery, and "radical inclusivity." The group describes itself as "progressive grassroots pro-life activists dismantling the abortion industrial complex and standing in solidarity with the unborn victims killed by abortion violence."

Bukovinac, who also founded Pro-Life San Francisco, announced in her Instagram account on Tuesday that the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising's launching is just the beginning of their efforts. She said she believes that they will end the abortion industry's "exploitive influence" that has led to the "systematic destruction of the most marginalized" in the United States, which happens to be the unborn.