A church in Colorado was vandalized in the evening of September 29 by unknown assailants who spray-painted blasphemous pro-abortion graffiti.

Live Action News highlighted that the Sacred Heart of Mary, a Catholic Church in Boulder, was attacked by pro-abortion extremists who spray-painted several phrases on the church property.

"Colorado church vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti," Live Action News tweeted on Tuesday.

Particularly, the vandals used black paint to write on the church wall "Jesus (loves) abortion" using a heart for the word "love," along with "Bans off our bodies" and "No Wire Hangers Ever." They also spray-painted the symbol "A" which means "anarchy" and the symbol traditionally used for females.

The attack happened after the Sacred Heart of May had just finished placing 4,000 white crosses on its front lawn to signify the daily number of abortions in the United States. The vandals destroyed the crosses by trampling on them and desecrating them. They also tried breaking the stained glass window by stoning it but failed since it was protected.

Sacred Heart of Mary Parish Social Communications Director Mark Evevard posted the incident in his Facebook account last September 28 and asked for prayers for the attackers. The post included photos of the totally vandalized church, the open field beside it were the little white crosses were displayed, and the church's vehicle that was spray-painted in red, "My body, my choice."

"My parish was vandalized in the early hours of the morning! Please put the perpetrators on the top of your prayer list & pray for their conversion!" Evevard announced.

Evevard's photos showed the extent of the vandalism on the church that involved all its wall and all its signages. The church's main door was spray-painted across it while images of saints surrounding the property were similarly vandalized. One signage even had the message in red on it that said, "Abort Catholics."

One of those who commented on Evevard's post asked if there were "no cameras?", to which he responded that there were but the assailants knowingly avoided it.

"They avoided the cameras--they knew what they were doing," Evevard replied.

Most of those who commented expressed anguish at the violence done and sadness at the lack of respect the assailants had on a place of worship. Others called the attack "sadistic", "horrible", "terrible", "unreal", and "awful" while called the attackers "not knowing Jesus" or were simply "confused." While some gave suggestions on how to clean up the mess and remove the paint. One commentor, Joe Ortiz, revealed that what happened in Sacred Heart of Mary was similar to a string of vandalisms happening in the area that week.

"Prayers go out to your Parish Mark something must be going on crazy this week several parishes that I know all over to here in Spokane and a couple others around the country I've heard of being vandalized this week I pray for all of those who are causing the vandalism and pray for all of the people in the parachute that they have compassion and understanding of the wrong these people do by vandalizing property especially the property of the church where we can all come together and worship as one," Ortiz remarked.

As of Monday, Evevard disclosed in a comment to a question regarding updates on the identity of the assailants that local police already "have potential leads" but no specifics yet.

Last month, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops revealed that they have experienced almost 100 attacks in their churches across 29 states since May 2020. The attacks ranged from mild vandalism to arson.