Mike Lindell is reportedly working with many state attorneys general for a massive case on the 2020 Elections fraud that will be filed in the United States Supreme Court.

The Gateway Pundit (TGP) disclosed that Lindell is preparing to file a massive Supreme Court case against Dominion Voting Systems on top of the $1.6 billion lawsuit he has already filed against them. The new lawsuit is set to look into the vast evidence collected on election fraud that Lindell is focusing on to avoid any future repetitions.

In line with the upcoming lawsuit, Lindell has launched a petition, Fix 2020 First, to encourage the Supreme Court to "accept the bill of complaint brought by patriotic states to save" the country. The petition is backed by the Lindell Legal Offense Fund which was setup by the MyPillow CEO for "the most urgent causes at this time" that includes efforts and lawsuits and projects spearheaded by people across the United States.

In the petition, Lindell explains through a video the accumulated evidence on the 2020 Elections fraud that he has spent money with for verification. Lindell said that he has not forgotten his promise to present the evidence to the Supreme Court early this year and now intends to fulfill it prior to Thanksgiving. The video, which comes from his website Frank Speech, asks people for help in the fulfillment of his promise by signing the petition.

"As you all know, I brought out forensic evidence in January that proves everything that happened in the 2020 elections. Then I had a cyber symposium in August of which all 50 states were represented. The evidence that was shown was proved to be from the 2020 November 3rd Election," Lindell said.

As previously reported, Lindell held the cyber symposium to present "irrefutable" evidence on China's involvement during the 2020 elections. Lindell gave a $5 million reward as challenge to anyone who would be able to prove him wrong. He disclosed that his aim for holding the symposium is to unite the country in terms of "free and fair elections," stressing that "this isn't about politics."

The cyber symposium actually led to the creation of "Election Integrity Caucus 2021" that comprise legislators from the 50 states who are set to secure the elections and intend to conduct an auditing of the machines used in their elections. Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers announced the new caucus in Twitter and their plan to "forensically audit every county that has used these machines" pertaining to the Dominion Voting Systems.

"This manifested into many states reaching out and wanting their state audited and helping bring this to the Supreme Court. So now, I am promising this to you. This case will be presented to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving," Lindell continued in the video.

"We have evidence that China was also involved in this historical crime against our country. And whether you're a Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter as we have to fix 2020 first and get rid of the machines or we lose our country and our freedom forever," he stressed.

According to Lindell, he believes that the Supreme Court will vote 9-0 in accepting the bill of complaint but did highlight his need from the public regarding the petition.

TGP revealed that Dominion Voting Systems has filed several lawsuits in an attempt to intimidate Americans. But the same people, especially witnesses to the voter fraud, are similarly preparing a "class action lawsuit" against the company.

"Dominion is serving regular, everyday people, with legal documents for doing the right thing and speaking up. They are intimidating Americans with threats of lawfare and intentionally placing them under duress," TGP highlighted.

"If the election was stolen, which it was, Dominion doesn't even want us talking about it," the media outfit added.