A new election integrity caucus composed of legislators from 50 states have reportedly called to audit all counties where voting machines were used last November 2020.

The Freedom Times revealed that the caucus was formed during Mike Lindell's two-day Cyber Symposium held in South Dakota that was livestreamed in the Frank Speech website on August 10-12. Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers made the announcement on the caucus in her Twitter posts. Rogers is said to be one of the founders of the caucus.

Rogers, who launched last week a campaign website for the decertification of the 2020 Presidential election results, tweeted on Friday the photo of the members of the "Election Integrity Caucus 2021" that was so captioned along with the hashtag "#AuditAll50States." Rogers then revealed in a succeeding tweet her role in the caucus and their goal for establishing it.

"I am one of the founding members of the newly formed Election Integrity Caucus that consists of legislators from all 50 states. Reminds me of the Continental Congress. We will meet regularly and we will talk regularly to implement the securing our elections. #AuditAll50States," Rogers disclosed.

Meanwhile, Rogers revealed in an interview with Real America's Voice during the Cyber Symposium that the caucus will audit the voting machines used during the elections if they can.

"We're going to forensically audit every county that has used these machines, if possible," Rogers revealed.

Rogers stated last week that the "display of evidence" from Arizona's recently-concluded audit have convinced her that it " is absolutely imperative" to fight for the decertification of the election results and prompted her to sponsor and fund the launching of a website that petitions for it.

The said petition requires a minimum of 1 million signatures so they can move forward in their fight for the decertification. Rogers' push for decertification is supported by former President Donald Trump, as highlighted in the petition's website. The senator announced that there are upwards of 160k signatures as of this time.

Rogers' attendance then in the Cyber Symposium came as no surprise for Lindell announced the event was meant to present "irrefutable" evidence on the election fraud with the aim of "uniting" both Democrats and Republicans for "election integrity." Lindell announced a day before the event that politicians from 48 states have already registered to attend it.

"Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, this will be the greatest uniting of our country ever. Because this isn't about politics. This is about free and fair elections and about the 2020 (election). And you've got to get that righted," Lindell said.

Besides Arizona, the states of Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are having an audit of their election results. But Arizona is the only one that has completed their audit, which is pending the release of the official report on it. Trump praised the audit being done in Wisconsin and stressed the need that "people want answers" on the election evidence and the "signs of cheating" discovered on it.

"The Great American Experiment cannot withstand corruption. We must demand our elected officials follow the law, and WE MUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. All eyes are on Wisconsin as they begin their election audit," Trump stressed in a statement posted in his website last Thursday.

On the other hand, Trump condemned Republican Senators from Michigan for not acting against the blocks being made on the forensic audit that is ongoing there. He said the "voters are demanding" the audit "because they have no confidence in their elections after the Rigged 2020 Presidential Election Scam."