A pastor from South Carolina who supported former President Donald Trump in 2016 has announced in Twitter last October 6 his run for Congress to "protect our God-given America First Agenda."

The Christian Post reported that Harvest Praise and Worship Center Pastor Mark Burns, who was among Trump's "most enthusiastic supporters" and was a speaker during the 2016 Republican National Convention held in Ohio, have announced his candidacy for the 4th District of South Carolina last week.

"I am humbled to announce my run for Congress in SC CD4. I will fight to restore law & order, election integrity, secure our borders, protect our God-given & America 1st agenda!" Burns said in Twitter.

Burn's tweet then directed people to go to his YouTube Channel where he has a video explaining why he is running for Congress. In the video, Burns said "a darkness is settling in over the United States of America" before he cited what took place in the year 2020, when "the forces of evil worked double time."

Burns disclosed in the video that in 2021 "these forces are climbing down hard while they're consolidating power" as they "work against the interest of the American people and this great nation." He elaborated that the "forces" are the "elite" who are "pro-Marxist" and "far-Left" groups set to destroy the country while "Republicans do nothing about it."

"If we do not address this problems now, our country would be much, much darker," Burns stressed.

"All America deserves a member in Congress who won't fold under pressure," he added before speaking about his plans to run for the said post.

As per Burns, running for Congress is something he finds himself accountable for the blessings he received from God through Trump in the face of what is happening in the country. This is, he stressed, alongside the pandemic caused by China and the many restrictions it brought to the American people.

"President Trump gave me a voice and a platform to fight for America, which is a true blessing from God. I owe it to President Trump, to my fellow South Carolinians, to my family, and to my country to continue to lead, speak out, and boldly advocate for the greatest nation of the earth we call the United States of America," Burns declared.

Burns, who is named by Time Magazine as "Trump's Top Pastor" in 2016, then highlighted in Twitter on Saturday the gist of his reason for running in Congress, that was contained in his almost-seven minute video.

Burns' video is also seen in his campaign website, which enlists the 13 beliefs he spoke of that he is standing for and against. Besides his stand against "counter culture" Democrats and the need to save America from the "forces" to keep it great, Burns speaks of his belief on marriage being "between one man and one woman" and on life which "begins at conception."

Prior to his announcement, Burns has previously run for the same Congressional District in 2018 but lost with a 2.5% of votes for the Republican primary field as he only got the eight place. He then considered to run again in 2020 for the Republican primary reelection against Senator Lindsay Graham but did not push through with it.