According to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Pastor Tony Evans, God sometimes uses the devil to reveal the true nature of Christians, but Christ is ready to save those who "draw near" to Him.

In a sermon given Sunday, Evans claimed that many Christians are not advancing in their relationship with God because they are "leaving a door open for Satan," the Christian Post reported.

He underscored that "whenever God says one thing and Christians say something else, the devil is controlling them."

"Whenever you disagree with God, you're under demonic control," he said.

In light of this, Evans urged Christians to resist the devil's attempts to impose his will on them.

"Satan is after ruining every Christian, and he wants to make it so [that] God can't use you so that he can, because he's building a kingdom too."

He went on to say that Christians just cannot afford to settle with "a long-distance relationship with Go

"If you want help, you can't just be, 'a verse a day to keep the devil away,'" he said. "You must be pursuing an intimate relationship.

Evans then said that there are times when God employs Satan to humble Christians by allowing the devil to shatter and degrade them. However, Satan must first get God's approval.

"The devil is not just the devil, but he's God's devil because he can only do what God says he can do," he said. "Believing in the devil doesn't make him sovereign. He has to ask permission to disturb your life."

Christians, according to Evans, invite Satan into their lives when they provide him with the chance.

He said that sin "creates an open door for Satan to enter to do the shaking in order to rip Christians away from God's purpose and usefulness and plan."

"[Satan] wants to thwart your purpose, God's calling on your life, your vision for your destiny [and] God's goal. He wants to rip you up. ... Satan wants to get you. And Satan has demanded permission," Evans pointed out.

In order to bring a brother or sister to their knees, Evans said that God sometimes employ the devil.

"And you thought you were just fighting your emotions, you thought you were just fighting people, you thought you were just fighting systems, you thought you were just fighting situations. No, God has let the devil in because you opened the door. He uses the devil to accomplish His purpose even with His people," he said.

Evans, on the other hand, believes that Jesus still intercedes for people and has ultimate say in their salvation. He insisted that Jesus's life is so that believers might enjoy God's favor.

He believes that Christ always steps in when Christians are in need of divine help.

"Jesus Christ has a full-time job in Heaven right now. When Satan comes against you and as Satan has sifted you like wheat, has tore you up from the floor up, God interjects His sacrifice on your behalf to be your advocate in the courtroom of Heaven."

Due to Jesus' personal experience with temptation, He is more than eager to aid people who are facing temptation right now.

Evans concluded by proclaiming that "people don't have the last word, demons don't have the last word, angels don't have the last word; Jesus has the last word. The devil does not have the last word over you."