Amazing things are happening in California, and a faithful minister declares they're going to become much better!

While some churches, primarily mega churches, have given up the fight against mandatory COVID shots for attendees, ministers such as California preacher Mario Murillo have maintained their faith in God's healing powers against the virus and other harmful pathogens.

In his blog post from Nov. 7, he shared one intimate encounter he had with God.

"I am reading about the leper in Matthew 8 who, instead of crying, "Unclean! Unclean!" and avoiding people, came up to Jesus and begged Him to heal him. The leper said, 'If you want, you can heal me,' he recalled.

"It hit me: this leper broke the Law by confronting Christ," he said. "I was even more taken aback by realizing Christ also violated the ordinance of Moses regarding not touching lepers. Jesus put His hand on the diseased man, and said, "I want to heal you. Be healed."

His next reading takes him to the story of Paul's vision of the Macedonian and his request for aid from him. This, he continued, reaffirms his belief that the Gospel is the most important source of "help."

He "drifted" to sleep after that.

Murillo recalled seeing a vision of a guy from Fresno at about 3 a.m.

"He looks at me and says, 'If you want to, you can come and help me.' This was not just any man. This man was degraded-more animal than human, ragged, twisted and torn apart by life," he said. "And his cry for help was the most piteous, beseeching, heart-rending and mournful appeal I have ever heard."

Murillo then stated that due to California regulations, he had to cancel all of their outreach efforts.

"But now there was this! A plea that paralyzed me. I knew-beyond all doubt-that I had to defy those laws," he proclaimed.

Drawing a line on the sand

"Think of it! There would have been no crusades. There would not have been miracles up and down Highway 99. We had to defy California State Law in Fresno. We drew a line in the sand in Fresno and the rest is history," he said.

Murillo went on to remark that after the 3 a.m. dream, he is persuaded that they need to draw a new line.

He noted that their Highway 99 tent crusades had previously been relatively 'underground.' They utilized social media with caution and also made no effort to invite individuals to the crusades at high schools or universities. The majority of the attendees were referred by word-of-mouth.

"We held back in order to blunt accusations that we were super-spreaders of the virus. We did this for the local people not the government," he confessed. "But that all changes now!"

He described their upcoming crusade in Hanford, California, scheduled to occur Feb. 20-23 next year, as their "D-Day." He interprets that as a go signal for them to boldly stand against the works of devil, and he and his team are determined to hold the enemy accountable for all he has done to California and the world.

With conviction, he proclaimed that what they "will do in Hanford will dwarf all of our previous outreaches. This time we will challenge legacy media to run prime time commercials. Leading up to Living Proof Hanford, we will reach out in the schools."

Thus, he said that they would be praying for the Lord to bring together 1,000 volunteers who would flood the nation with soul-winning and healing campaigns.

In addition, he mentioned that they'll be debuting their new tent in Hanford. The current tent is 8,000 square feet, whereas the new one is 16,800 square feet and can accommodate thousands.

"Our message will be more direct. We will be making room for greater miracles. A greater harvest than ever, under a greater anointing than ever. The tide of the river along Highway 99 is rising and will jump its banks! The Corridor of Glory will live up to its promise: A SATURATION OF GOD'S GLORY!" he said, full of confidence in his words.

Watch the Living Proof Hanford teaser video here or in the player embedded below: