Michael Snyder, author of several End Times books, wrote an analytical post on the discrepancy between the acts of the current President of the United States and his claims that the economy would improve under his administration.

A question was asked on Monday by the author of "The 7-Year Apocalypse," one that both political and economic analysts should be asking themselves.

"Joe Biden keeps telling us that he wants a strong economy, but he keeps doing things that he knows will hurt the economy. How can we explain this? " Snyder asked.

"One possibility is that he is simply extremely incompetent," he said, noting that it is not an entirely improbable idea given how much Biden has degenerated physically and cognitively, as well as the lack of competence in the staff he has associated himself with.

"Biden just keeps making more moves that have people scratching their heads," he continued, "because it almost seems as if he doesn't even care about the political consequences of his actions."

Following are a few of the examples he cited:

According to The Daily Mail, the Biden administration is contemplating shutting down the Line 5 pipelines.

In light of the current global energy crisis, Synder argues that this would be completely irrational since gas prices are growing quickly, and the federal government is predicting that thermal expenses would skyrocket this winter.

In fact, 12 members of Congress, including Ohio Representative Bob Latta, are warning that this shift would have devastating ramifications for the American economy.

The multiple directives that the Biden administration has already issued is another good illustration.

According to Fox News, a document from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) indicates that more than half of border patrol officers have not verified their COVID-19 vaccination status, and 10% of those who have have not yet received the vaccine. But with the vaccine mandate, Border Patrol agents could also lose their jobs. This, according to Synder, would exacerbate an already dire situation at the border.

"Needless to say, losing that many border agents would be absolutely devastating for the security of our borders," he said.

The third example is the OSHA mandate, which would apply to more than 80 million American employees. Axios, however, reported that 25 million of those people are not in compliance with it.

"Can you imagine what our economy would look like if millions more Americans were suddenly forced out of their jobs?" said Snyder.

On the ground, Snyder said that businesses around the nation are clamoring to hire workers. An analyst recently went to look at a help needed notice at Home Depot and was reportedly "accosted" by a manager who was keen on recruiting him.

"So Biden actually wants to kick millions of Americans out of their jobs in this sort of an environment? That would appear to be insane," continued Synder. "But it would actually make perfect sense if he actually wanted to kill the economy."

The fourth point Synder mentioned is that Biden is well aware that borrowing and spending trillions of dollars would result in even greater inflation, yet he continues to press Congress to borrow and spend more money. In fact, according to NBC News, Biden's 1.75 trillion dollar "infrastructure bill" has just passed the Congress.

Economic Collapse, on the other hand, reported that inflation is already out of control and that more money would just make matters worse. Furthermore, the country's national debt continues to grow at an alarming rate.

"On almost every front, we are literally committing national suicide, and Joe Biden is leading the charge," remarked Synder. "The optimists would have us believe that we can turn things around by voting out Biden in 2024. But meanwhile Biden has more than three years left to keep wrecking our country."