Stephen Strang, the founder of Charisma Magazine and author of "God and Cancel Culture," is giving out his book for free this Thanksgiving.

On Monday, Strang announced a special Thanksgiving deal in which they would give out free copies of his most significant book to date, "God and Cancel Culture."

The offer was made with the intention of transforming what started as a movement into what the subtitle of the book states: "Stand Strong Before It's Too Late." While the shipping charge will not be covered by Charisma, it will only cost $4.95 to get the book. This deal is available only via Charisma and will last after Thanksgiving.

"I believe it's important to get this book in your hands, so I'm giving it to you free," he said. "All you do is pay for shipping and handling."

Strang remarked that cancel culture has only become worse following the publication of his book on September 7. He highlighted a recent email from Prager University announcing that a new video they created, "Restricted: How Big Tech is Taking Away Your Freedom," is fast gaining millions of views-yet is being censored by Big Tech's bosses. Additionally, Strang pointed out that Charisma was also a victim of cancel culture's abuses.

"Believe it or not, we've also seen God and Cancel Culture get canceled," he said. "We got a verbal order from Walmart for 9,000 copies early in the year, but the company then "declined" to carry it when it launched. We've also seen the rise of cancel culture during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Strang went on to say that in God and Cancel Culture, he recalls the account of a book written by the Rev. Lou Sheldon over two decades ago called The Gay Agenda. After selling thousands of copies, someone at Amazon deleted it off the site almost precisely a year ago. He said that they never received an explanation when they enquired.

When his own book was released in January of that year-God, Trump & the 2020 Election-it sold tens of thousands of copies. Amazon disabled the book's "buy" button and sold zero copies from July through October, which were the four months coming up to the presidential election, suggesting that they were eliminating any publications they felt might support President Donald Trump's re-election.

More about the "cancel culture" phenomenon

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is a recent example of a CEO whose ideas the cancel culture thinks are inappropriate being targeted by the cancel culture. Both his support for Trump and his subsequent insistence on questioning the legitimacy of the election resulted in Lindell's suspension.

"We need to stand up against the cancel culture by buying more of his products-and telling our friends and family to support him too," urged Strang.

"Cancel culture wants us to shut up, sit down and not have an opinion unless it agrees with their leftist views," he continued.

Strang noted that it's not the first time the concept of "political correctness" has been floated, but this is taking it to new and absurd extremes. Adding insult to injury, he said that it's increasingly targeted at Christianity.

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