Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany reportedly recalled God's faithfulness to her while working for former President Donald Trump.

The Christian Headlines said McEnany will be releasing a new book, "For Such a Time as This: My Faith Journey through the White House and Beyond," that speaks of her experience of God's faithfulness during Trump's Administration. The book details how McEnany was guided by God in doing her work as White House Press Secretary.

In an interview with CBN News, McEnany revealed that reliance in God was her key to succeeding in her post in the White House. She recalled how she felt being a piece in a big puzzle and cited the time she held her very first briefing last May 1, 2020 where she was mostly helped by prayer.

"I was one piece in God's much bigger puzzle, and that's God's plan for all of us," she said.

McEnany then narrated that before the press briefing, she went to her predecessor Sarah Sanders who encouraged her and counseled her to pray. She then went to the bathroom and did as Sanders told her. When she went out she came across former Vice President Mike Pence who told her she was prayed for, and that consoled her even more.

"One of the things I did before I first took the podium was talk to one of my predecessors, Sarah Sanders, and she sent me a list of advice and one of them was most importantly, pray. I was supposed to take to the podium at 2 pm but rather than walking to the podium, I'm in my office crying out of such nerves. Sarah had told me 'don't worry and pray', but I was indeed worrying," ," McEnany disclosed.

"I went to the West Wing bathroom and got on my knees and prayed-then Vice President Mike Pence went like this to me and said I've been praying for you, which meant a whole lot. I can tell you it was Christians like Sarah and the Vice President and Christians across the country that prayed for the administration that I know it helped the Trump administration along the way, and it certainly helped me...millions of Christians praying," she continued.

McEnany went on to say that praying then became a part of her routine before briefings began. This eventually trickled to the members of her team who would pray with her before she would walk to the podium. She pointed out how prayer has become "indispensable" to them.

"My team would stand around the press secretary's office, sometimes we'd have the fireplace burning in the background and we would say a prayer and then I would walk off to the podium and I can tell you that was indispensable," McEnany stressed.

McEnany, in her book, said it was Jesus who brought her to the White House. She pointed out that God leads each one to a place in time where they have a purpose according to His plans for everyone.

"I was brought to this position by Christ for such a time as this, I didn't make it there on my own. I want anyone reading this to know you are where you are in a place, in a time, in a circumstance, in your body, for such a time as this for a reason and a purpose--and if you ask Christ to guide you, He will take you to show you that plan He has for your life just like He did for me," McEnany shared.