"Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers," the Christmas episode of multi-season TV series "The Chosen," just broke records. Additionally, there will be a countrywide release of the film till Dec. 10.

According to Charisma News, the Christmas film established a record for ticket sales in its first 12 hours of release by taking in $8 million in sales from 1,700 theaters throughout the country. Tickets for the first 10 days in December have already sold out at a rate greater than any previous Fathom Events event to date.

In contrast, Forbes reported that the film adaptation of the popular streaming series debuted at $2.57 million on Wednesday and $2.1 million on Thursday. There were 1,600 theaters showing the picture yesterday, and it brought in $1.23 million, despite not being shown at the typical full-day time slots. In fifth place this weekend, the picture will take in $3.55 million, boosting its total to $8.45 million.

The latest episode of "The Chosen" was filmed on the big screen, noted PR Newswire. From the viewpoint of Mary and Joseph, it chronicles the events leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ.

For KING & COUNTRY, Brandon Lake, Phil Wickham, Maverick City Music, and more are among the musicians and performers featured in the show.

As part of a "Pay It Forward" initiative, the first season of "The Chosen" series was financed by $40 million in audience donations, which also funded the second and third seasons (of which the third season is currently in production).

The show's creators, staff, and actors have worked tirelessly to ensure that the narrative of Jesus is faithfully shown in both the series and the Christmas movie.

"The Chosen" creator, writer and director Dallas Jenkins said: "We don't do this for the numbers, but these records indicate people will indeed go to the theater for a project they're passionate about. The enthusiastic comments from new and old fans give us confidence to do this again."

Upon the conclusion of its theatrical run, "Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers" is accessible on "The Chosen" app for free and is linked to various streaming services, much as "The Chosen" series presently is.

Bits about "The Chosen"

The second season of "The Chosen" wrapped up in the spring. It is the highest crowdfunded media project of all time. With more than 50 languages available, it's one of the most popular entertainment applications for iOS and Android devices worldwide.

On the app that links directly to streaming devices, there is no price or membership required, and viewers may opt to "pay it forward" once they've seen the show. Loaves & Fishes Productions and Angel Studios are responsible for the filming and distribution of "The Chosen."

The third season is underway, and as of writing it has already received 94% of the funding it needs. Those who want to pay it forward for more people to know about Christ through "The Chosen" can contribute via the website.

About Fathom Events 

According to PR Newswire, when it comes to distributing material to movie theaters, Fathom is a well-known and respected industry leader. As a joint venture of AMC Entertainment Inc.; Cinemark Holdings, Inc.; and Regal Cinemas, a part of the Cineworld Group, Fathom Events provides a broad range of entertainment options to cinema audiences in the United States and more than 45 other countries.