This Christmas, TBN will play the record-breaking film, "Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers," on Dec. 22 and then again on Christmas Day.

The film is said to have received outstanding reviews from moviegoers, notes Christian Headlines.

TBN reportedly launched "Christmas with The Chosen" on December 22 at 9 p.m. Eastern and again on Christmas Day at 2 p.m. Eastern in a broadcast television debut. Additionally, it may be found on the "The Chosen" app.

More than $14 million was reportedly earned throughout the length of the film, which included a nativity-themed episode of "The Chosen" and music from Christian performers. Additionally, the first 12 hours of ticket sales set a new Fathom record.

It also reportedly got a whopping 96% score from Rotten Tomatoes users.

The film has become so successful that it has gotten mainstream exposure, including an article in USA Today and a segment on ABC's Good Morning America, where filmmaker Dallas Jenkins was interviewed.

"We would not have done this [film] if we didn't have something to say - if we didn't believe God had something profound to say," Jenkins said in an interview.

"And when it comes to The Chosen - whether it's the stories we tell, or the content we release or the merchandise we release - we never ever do it just as a gimmick or just as a marketing opportunity. It's always because we genuinely believe there's something new and spiritually profound that we believe can be said. In this case, it's our portrayal of the birth of Christ," he said.

Jesus began his mission on Earth with modest beginnings, he remarked.

"Joseph is trying to make room for Mary to be born in the stable, and he has to scoop out a big pile of manure. That single moment, to me, sums up a lot of what the story is about," Jenkins proclaimed.

More about the Christmas special

According to the TBN website, there will be a total of 13 Christmas musical performances from the set of "The Chosen" throughout the two-hour show.

Crosswalk, in a glowing review of the film, claims that every minute of the two-hour Christmas special is motivational.

Throughout each episode of "The Chosen," the story follows the biblical text while also speculating on what could have occurred in the time in between the passages.

It also includes performances by some of the most well-known religious performers including Phil Wickham, For King & Country, Maverick City Music, Brandon Lake, Cain, Matt Maher, Jordan Feliz and We The Kingdom.

While the show's creators reveal everything to its followers, even where and when the next episode will be shot, the Christmas special was shot in late September and early October.

This was effectively a Christmas gift for fans, who reacted by establishing a new Fathom record with $1.5 million in ticket sales within the first 12 hours of release. The film then broke still another record, becoming Fathom's best-selling and most-attended event in history, grossing $8 million and drawing a record-breaking crowd.