Former NFL star Tim Tebow took to the stage at the the annual Passion Conference held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where he gave insights on every Christian's macro-mission and "micro-purpose" specifically designed by God for every person.

The event, which took place on January 2 to 3 in Florida, was attended by thousands. Tebow was among several speakers at the January 2 session.

The Christian Post reported that Tebow gave a speech titled "Mission Possible: Go Create a Life that Counts for Jesus," in which the former NFL star shared that the conference is not about the event's host, Passion City Church, but about "teaching people to have passion for Jesus." Tebow declared that every person has been "given a mission by God," and "that mission is possible."

Tebow explained that on a "macro" level, all Christians have the "same mission," which is "to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and to love your neighbor as yourself." But at the same time, every Christian also has what he calls a "micro-mission," which he described as "something that God has designed exactly for you."

The 34 year old former NFL star cited Ephesians 2:10 in explaining his insight, quoting, "For we are His workmanship (or masterpieces), created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared before for us to walk in."

Tebow remarked that the "micro-purpose" is not just something that was designed by God specifically for each individual before he or she was born, but that "the God of this universe wrote a poem that in Christ Jesus is a masterpiece for good things for you to do." He underscored how that "poem" was specific to every person, making it "unique and special." He remarked, "In Christ Jesus, you're a masterpiece."

To further drive home his point, Tebow recounted his experience during a mission in the jungles of the Philippines, where he met a young boy who was born with his feet backward. The young boy's deformity caused the village people to think he was "cursed and significant."

The former NFL star, who was born in the Philippines while his parents served as missionaries there, said that it was on that day that he received his "micro-mission" from God, which was "to fight for every little boy and girl around the world like him, to fight for every single person that the world has looked past, to fight for every single person that other people say, 'They don't matter.'"

"Because to God, everyone matters," Tebow declared. The former NFL star's Tim Tebow Foundation advocates for children and those with special needs and anti-trafficking and child sexual exploitation. According to Borgen Magazine, the foundation utilizes a three-step plan to help mitigate human trafficking, which involves helping create support programs to keep families together, responding with rescue missions, and a commitment to the long-term recovery of victims through comprehensive cre and healing.

In May 2021, the Tim Tebow Foundation was awareded a $1.2 million dollar grant from the state of Tennessee for human trafficking survival care all around the world. The funds have been pledged to fight human trafficking in Uganda and child sexual exploitation in the Philippines, where there has been a 264% increase in online sexual exploitation of children throughout the COVID pandemic.