Golden Globe Awards nominee Kirk Cameron details his journey of faith from being a former atheist to one openly willing to use his platform for God.

Faithwire reported that 51-year-old Cameron appeared in a recent episode of PragerU's "Stories of Us," which features various Americans in "their personal journeys of transformation," and shared his journey of faith, which also became a journey of finding his true self.

The 14-minute episode, entitled "Stories of Us: Kirk Cameron," was published online on Tuesday and have been viewed 180,400 times already as of date. Cameron announced on Thursday how excited he was about it.

"I'm pretty pumped about being on Prager U's 'Stories of Us' today. My son also interned there. Great people doing great work!" Cameron posted on Facebook.

Cameron began his career in Hollywood in "Growing Pains," an ABC weekly sitcom that ran in the 1980s on psychologist Dr. Jason Seaver and his family, at the age of fourteen. His successful Hollywood career that involved both film and TV, however, only "left him feeling unfulfilled" and on a constant quest of knowing "his life purpose."

It was only when he discovered a relationship with God did he finally "find true fulfillment in faith and family."

In the episode, the California-born Cameron narrated how he landed in "Growing Pains" with the support of his mother. He said he found his growing years as a celebrity to be "a crazy childhood...a crazy growing up experience." Amidst it all, he admitted being an "atheist" and shared how he felt of not going to Heaven should he die because of his "attitude" since he was "conceited." He then had a conversation with God one day about it-after realizing his need for humility "for the first time"-while riding his sports car after dropping off a girl in an acting class.

"I thought 'I'd humble myself for the first time," he said.

"I closed my eyes-I didn't know why I closed my eyes but I saw people in church do that so I figured that maybe it's a little extra something that made the prayers go up all the way to Heaven and I just said, 'God if you're there, would you please show me. I want to know and if you paint the sunset at the sky at night, and if you who designs little children and all the beautiful things I see in the world, and I'd like to know the answer to all the tough questions. Would you forgive me for the wrong things I have done and make me the person you want me to be?"

Cameron went to say that when he opened his eyes, he felt God heard him. He started going to church after that. The pastor told him it was not him finding God in Hollywood but God finding him because he was the one who was lost.

Encapsulating his faith journey, Cameron recalled what his daughter shared with him that was written on a piece of paper. It read, "It's the same boiling water that softens potatoes that hardens eggs. It just depends on what you're made of."

"So the same difficult challenges and influences of Hollywood that turns some people the same pressure that actually softened my heart," Cameron said.

The actor also shared how he met his wife of thirty years, Chelsea, through the "Growing Pains" series. He said they first adopted children as his wife was an adopted child herself, but they had their first child only after six years of marriage. They eventually had biological children after adopting their fourth child. Cameron describes being married to his wife as the most beautiful decision he made in his life and that he "wouldn't have it any other way."

"I found a girl. She's beautiful on the inside; she's beautiful on the outside. I married her and we've been married for 30 years. You have no idea how much more valuable that is. I've got six grown children who love God and still ask me my opinions about things, who still love to come home and be with me and my wife, and I'm on PragerU's 'Stories of Us.' I mean, the story doesn't really end much better than this," Cameron said.