Hollywood actor turned Christian activist Kirk Cameron revealed during the recently-concluded March For Life in Washington, D.C. the reason he is pro-life was "marching orders" from God.

Faithwire reported that Cameron was one of the speakers in the 49th March For Life held last Friday, January 21, which could be the final event in the face of possibilities of Roe v. Wade being overturned by the United States Supreme Court in line with the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case.

"This may be the last year of the March for Life, with Roe v. Wade potentially being overturned. This may not be necessary, but we've got marching orders from the executive in heaven and those mandates tell us to continue loving God, loving one another, and standing for life," Cameron said during his speech.

Cameron highlighted the Bible and pointed out that those who "love God" also "love life" and is the very reason that propelled him and the rest of the attendees of the March For Life to gather and fight for the right of the unborn.

"Why are we here? The Bible--the book that built America--says that those who hate God love death, but we're the family of faith. We love God, therefore, we love life. And our hope is not in the White House. It's not in Congress. Our hope is not in the people who govern us or the laws that we make in this nation. Our hope is in the power of God working in the hearts of his people," Cameron revealed.

Cameron reiterated God's "marching orders" in the hope that those who attended March For Life will implement this in their lives in how they relate with others and in their faith journey. He expressed how proud he is of those who attended since they are doing the mandate of God.

"We're going to be marching together this afternoon, but after this day is over, I want us all to remember to continue the marching orders that have been given to us by our commander in chief who lives in the heavenly places. And His executive orders trump all other executive orders. And the mandates from Heaven remind us to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. That's what we will be doing this afternoon and I'm proud to be with you," Cameron stressed.

Prior to concluding his speech, Live Action said Cameron shared how the pro-life movement is a personal matter to him. Cameron credited pro-lifers for the existence of his wife and his six children. He revealed that his wife, Chelsea, almost did not existed because her mother considered aborting her.

Previously, Christianity Daily reported that Chelsea and Cameron, who was featured in "Stories of Us" recently, met in the TV series "Growing Pains." Chelsea was instead put for adoption and the reason Cameron was able to adopt four kids before they had their two biological children.

"Chelsea was one doctor appointment away from not existing. Our first four children are also adopted. They were 'this close' to not being here and if my wife Chelsea had not been born, our two natural-born children would not exist either. So my six children and my wife are here as a result of loving, compassionate, and courageous people like you who are marching today at the March for Life," Cameron highlighted.

During his speech, Cameron also shared a teaser of his upcoming film "Lifemark" that highlights the life of the unborn and "the beauty of adoption." Before his speech, Cameron made a livestream of the March For Life to show the thousands of people that were present in the event. He mentioned a part of his speech in the said livestream and emphasized "the power of God working in the hearts of these people."

"So we are so grateful for those working in the prolife movement," Cameron said.