"Duck Dynasty" star Lisa Robertson revealed during her speech in the 47th March For Life held in Washington, D.C. on Friday that "every day," those who undergo an abortion experience trauma.

Live Action News reported that Robertson recounted during her speech the abortion trauma she experienced when she was 16 years old that remains to haunt her daily. The pro-life outlet said Robertson's abortion trauma is "unfortunately common" citing a report last year on researchers denying the reality that "post-abortion trauma is real."

Robertson's statement came after she identified "three lies" that abortion facilities promulgate and which, she revealed, "would impact the life of my unborn child."

The said lies involve the unborn being just a "glob of tissue," the body being able to heal after an abortion, and that the procedure would be forgotten by those who undertake it. Robertson rebutted each lie stating that the unborn is no "glob of tissue" because "we know life begins at conception." She went on to say that abortion affects the body negatively.

"I was told, your body will heal and be as good as new in a couple of days. That also was a lie. My body was never the same and I was never able to carry a child to full term," Robertson highlighted.

This excludes the many cases of emotional complications women who have undergone abortion suffer on top of the physical hardships they experience from it. These sufferings "increase" when they are met with the truth that abortion kills children. Live Action pointed to a video they made on "The First 10 Weeks of Human Life" that provides a visual look of what is happening in the womb during pregnancy and how the unborn looks like at this time.

"When you leave here today, you can forget this day ever happened. Again, that was a lie. That was 40 years ago and every day of my life I think of that day," Robertson stressed.

"These lies and many others nearly cost me my life, my family, my children that I carried and birthed. It did cost me two children and generations of grandchildren. But God. God rescued me, He forgave me, He redeemed me. And he also gave me a voice to speak out for the unborn. He gave me a voice to speak the truth and not lies," she shared.

Robertson urged others to also fight for the sanctity of life that comes from one's relationship with God. She disclosed the need for pro-life Christians who are also "pro-love."

"Be pro-love and pro-life in a pro-hate and pro-choice world (and) be pro-adoption as well," Robertson declared.

"Decide today, right here...that you'll take up this fight for the life of the unborn and the countless women who will suffer as I have because of their decisions...(s)peak truth, speak life, speak love, and speak Jesus--and seek Jesus," she added.

During the March for Life, thousands of pro-lifers from all over the country were "on fire" to push "equality begins in the womb" since "every person matters." The 2022 March For Life's Theme is "Equality Begins In The Womb" in an effort to create awareness on the unborn being "often overlooked for they cannot speak for themselves."

"The crowd was on fire, realizing that a post-Roe America is on the horizon," 40 Days For Life Founder David Bereit revealed in a Facebook post showing images of those present in the country's capitol.

Besides Robertson, there were many other speakers who delivered moving messages such as that of Christian actor Kirk Cameron, Down Syndrome Advocate Katie Shaw, and Bible In A Year Podcast Host Fr. Mike Schmitz.