A group of abortion supporters tagged as "communist rioters" disrupted an educational conference held by pro-life organization Texas Right To Life on Saturday in Austin, Texas.

Texas Right To Life, a pro-life organization with various offices across the state, said the conference was meant to commemorate the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. The event was disrupted when a group of twelve rioters came in the hotel lobby before noon loudly expressing their stand for abortion.

"Working women, give them hell; it is right to rebel. We will defend abortion rights; working women, rise and fight!" The rioters shouted.

Accordingly, the rioters marched in holding a big, white signage with red letters painted on it stating, "Working women lead the fight! Safe abortions are our right!"

The 47-second video uploaded by the pro-life organization in its YouTube Channel showed that the rioters were women who came in military fashion: reciting their chant on "their right" as they presented their signage to those in the conference.

It didn't take long that one of the rioters could be seen taking an object from her bag, lighting it, and throwing it in the air above the rioters to the other side of the room where some people stood.

"Soon, the rioters turned violent. One woman lit smoke bombs on FIRE and launched them into a crowd of students inside," Texas Right To Life said.

As soon as the object was thrown, a man--one of the hotel's staff--could be seen approaching the member who has taken out another object from her bag. The object was already lighted when the man came close enough to catch her attention with, "Hey! Hey!" But she was still able to throw the lighted object to the same group of persons on the other side of the room.

The man then gently directed the rioters to go outside, which they obeyed. The rioters turned around and left the lobby still marching and shouting their same chants. By this time, smoke could already be seen in the video. As the smoke thickened, the rioters could be seen coming outside the hotel's main door and alarms could be heard in the background, as well, before the video ended.

"The rioters left the scene after hotel staff intervened. However, the group already vandalized property both inside and out," the pro-life organization revealed.

The organization said the hotel staff then called the Austin Police Department who came afterwards to inspect "the facility for additional threats and investigated the attack." The good news is "no one was hurt."

According to Texas Right To Life, the rioters' intent was to protest the Texas Heartbeat Act or Senate Bill 8 that the United States Supreme Court recently ruled best to be decided on by the state's supreme court, which meant the law would still be in effect.

Senate Bill 8, which took effect on September 1, bans abortions on pregnancies six weeks and beyond once a fetal heartbeat has been detected. The law criminalizes anyone performing such an abortion with a corresponding fine of $10,000. The law also allows anyone to file a lawsuit against those violating the law.

"Since spearheading the passage of the Texas Heartbeat Act and enforcement of the law beginning September 1, 2021, Texas Right to Life has been the target of vicious attacks, including three bomb threats within four months and circulating employees' home addresses online. Texas Right to Life has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of our supporters and activists since we became the target of violent messages due to the Texas Heartbeat Act," the pro-life organization disclosed.

Despite the threats and the attacks, the organization declared it will not discontinue their efforts of advocating and protecting life.

"Abortion advocates are targeting Texas Right to Life because they know we are the greatest defenders of preborn children. We will not be silenced, and we will never stop working to protect Life. The Texas Heartbeat Act is still in effect today and saves an estimated 100 children and their mothers per day from abortion," the pro-life organization concluded.