John Cooper of the rock band, Skillet, called for American believers to be outspoken about their faith and value their freedom in sharing the Gospel.

"I think we got to get loud about our faith. Some Christians think that people like me are boasting about your freedom. I believe that we need to fight for these individual rights in our country because it makes it the most viable to share the Gospel. We are still free to talk about our faith. I don't know why we would be so quick to give up those individual freedoms," he told The Christian Post.

The singer pointed out that sharing about such freedom is "not about boasting," but recognizing "one of the great things" that America's founding fathers have done. He added that their recognition of a "higher power over the authority of the state" is "incredible," which the people should "celebrate" about.

"I'm not saying that America did everything right. I'm only saying that to recognize Christ as Lord or even that there is a God over the state and the state may not intrude into personal rights, that is really a wonderful thing. We should not be quick to give that up, in my opinion," he continued.

Cooper shared that Skillet's new album titled "Dominion," celebrates the Lord Jesus Christ as the owner of everything in the universe.

He finds the album "meaningful" due to the government's current behavior, wherein it acts "like God" and turns into something "idolatrous."

"I don't get to talk about that a lot. But that is part of what I'm really passionate about, is this idea of dominion, celebration of freedom. But true freedom is only found in the Lordship of Jesus Christ," he said.

The musician revealed that he is heavily criticized for sharing the faith on his YouTube channel. He went on to say that while he has always been outspoken about his faith during shows, a lot of people are now calling him out for it- a culture change which, he observed, is "sudden."

Cooper also noted that the atheists and LGBT activists are very aggressive in sharing their belief, as well as their opposition of Christianity and the biblical definition of marriage. Thus, he emphasized that Christians should not be "shy" about their belief too and must celebrate their freedom in Christ regardless of circumstances.

The singer disclosed that speaking about his Christian faith cost him some fans and even his own friends, which he said is "painful."

Despite this loss on the "business side," Cooper said that his action is doing "something greater" by inspiring other Christians that they are not alone in their fight on their faith.

In conclusion, the musician encouraged the believers about this battle.

"You're not the only one noticing that there's a spiritual war going on. There's a lot of people in this fight, and I hope that this record reminds people of that," Cooper stated.

Skillet's latest album, "Dominion" was released on Jan. 14 and immediately became No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums Chart.

In a statement to Billboard, Cooper described the album as a "positive rebellion" to the current spiritual fight against depression, anxiety and fear. It contains 12 tracks.