In Reading, England, Katrina Hermez is taking to social media to share her health struggles after she got a dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. The 28 year old often takes to Instagram to share her plight dealing with the aftermath of the COVID shot.

"I have to speak out...I had my first j@b because I was made to believe it was the correct thing todo by our government," Hermez wrote in an Instagram post dated January 21, with footage of her walking with a walker at home.

"But a week after now it's changed my life and turned it on its head... I am now having - full body paralysis, seizures, speech issues, nearly diagnosed amnesia, migraines everyday, blood in ear, vertigo, nausea and more."

The young spa owner shared, "I want my story to be heard to save others from this happening to them!"

Hermez lamented, "They said it would protect me, they said it would protect others, they said it could save us, they said we need at least one, then two, now three... how many more until we're all grieving??"