Darren Mulligan, the frontman of the Irish worship band We Are Messengers was involved in a road accident last week but miraculously survived after his truck lost traction over an icy road and flipped over. The singer took to social media to reassure fans that he was "OK" after the accident.

Mulligan shared photos of the terrifying accident on the band's Instagram, where he recounted how his truck "truck lost all traction, slid across both lanes, down through the verge separating east and west highways and began sliding towards another vehicle on the opposite side of the road" while he was on his way to the airport that day for the band's first show of 2022 in Greeley, Colorado.

Fearing that he could hit another vehicle and take someone else's life, Mulligan tried to steer the truck off the road, causing it to flip. He remarked, "It is a miracle that I'm alive."

"[Ten] seconds before the accident I had been talking with Jesus and I said out loud '[my life has always been in your hands and it still is,'" Mulligan wrote. "I guess God put that to the test and He has once again proved Himself unbelievably Kind."

Mulligan recounted how he moved to find his phone, backpack, and guitar that had flown outside of the vehicle as it flipped. He was then approached by a man called Efrain who was in the oncoming vehicle that he managed to avoid hitting. The singer wrote, "Efrain was so kind to me, his only thought was to make sure I was ok. He drove me to the airport so I could go about the work God has called this band to."

According to Faithwire, the singer came to the conclusion that "I'm convinced this too is the goodness of God in my life" after he walked away from the terrible accident "without a scratch."


This is not the first time Mulligan encountered a road accident. In 2017, We Are Messengers were involved in a fatal car accident south of Atlanta, Florida, the Christian Post reported. The band took to Facebook to address the accident, which took one life. At the time, Mulligan said in a Facebook live video that "We should all be dead but the Lord is good."

Mulligan recounted in the video how the devil was trying to "tear...apart" the ministry and the band, but that the band committed to a steadfast faith in God, who "is still good" despite the tragedy.

The singer explained that on the early morning of Sunday, March 26, 2017, a car with its headlights off was stalled on the rightmost lane of the I-75, a road upon which the We Are Messengers tour bus happened to be traveling northbound. The tour bus driver attempted to avoid the stopped vehicle but it was too late, causing an immediate collision that resulted in an explosion. The person inside the stopped car did not survive.

Mulligan recounted how their survival was a "miracle" from God, saying it was a supernatural occurrence that their tour bus did not tip over and that the door had swung open just in time for them to escape, despite it not being opened by anyone. The band and crew were all safe, but all their equipment had perished in the fire from the explosion.