During a recent press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeatedly dodged a reporter's question on the "debate over abortion" particularly President Joe Biden's views on the beginning of life.

This is in line with Biden's nomination of candidates for the post United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer will vacate upon his retirement.

Faithwire reported that the reporter was EWTN Washington Correspondent Owen Jensen whose questions to Psaki led to a long discussion on the various aspects of abortion and Biden's beliefs on it.

"In the Oval, the President evoked the Ninth Amendment as he was talking about the qualifications he's looking for a judicial nominee. In the past and in committee hearings, he's certainly brought that amendment up in the context of abortion rights. Is it a fair reading that that is what he was specifically saying that he was looking for from a candidate here?" Jensen asked.

"I'm just not going to give any more detail on any qualifications he's looking for at this point in time. I'm sure we'll have more conversations about that in the days ahead," Psaki responded.

Jensen raised the issue on the possibility of Title 42 being lifted that pushed to questions on Biden's response on the immigration problem and updates on the NATO defensive alliance before he reverted to the Supreme Court nominees.

"How will the debate over abortion shake the President's selection process?" Jensen inquired.

Psaki disclosed Biden's intent to nominate a "qualified Black woman to serve on court" and that she won't be giving more specific information as of date. To which, Jensen added on the possibility of the said nominee being "pro-abortion."

"I think somebody asked a similar question. I'm not going to outline litmus tests from here today," Psaki said.

But Jensen was persistent and had a follow-up question.

"The President has said in the past he does not believe that life begins at conception. When does he believe it begins?" Jensen drilled.

"You know the President's position. He believes in a woman's right to choose," Psake remarked.

Jensen then pointed out that she was not responding accordingly, but Psaki rebutted that he asks the same question each time he is in the press briefing. Jensen insisted that his question be answered accordingly.

"The question is: When does he believe life--and essential to the debate over the question of a baby's viability, pro-life Americans--don't you agree?--should know where the President stands on his thinking on this. It's a fundamental question," Jensen reiterated.

"The President believes in a woman's right to choose," Psaki firmly stated.

Jensen asked once more regarding Biden's belief on the beginning of life but the press secretary threatened to move on to the next reporter. Jensen then instead asked a question regarding Child Tax Credit.

Last week, Christianity Daily reported Psaki similarly avoided answering questions but on Biden's appointee for the Supreme Court. Psaki avoided answering all questions including whether Vice President Kamala Harris would be one of the nominees. Psaki kept stressing that Biden will appoint a "Black woman to the court" based on consultations he will make "with the Senate" and a review of the background information of the nominees.

News on Breyer's retirement surfaced on January 26 that was said to be due to pressures from the Democratic Party wanting to increase their influence in Congress in line with the upcoming midterm elections. This reportedly saddened Breyer who, on the next day, confirmed through a letter sent to Biden.