Pro-abortion advocates reportedly now use new euphemisms to push for abortion and make sure it remains supported, unrestricted, and legal.

WND reported that the United States of Women enlisted in its website the new euphemisms that should be used by pro-abortion advocates in their script to ensure the violent procedure appears "justifiable." The United States of Women (USOW) is a pro-abortion organization that is one of the more than 100 members of the Liberate Action Coalition.

The report pointed out that pro-abortion advocates previously focused on the mother by using words "reproductive rights," "health care," and "bodily autonomy." This way the unborn is dehumanized to a mere "choice."

Now, the USOW recommends the use of new words or euphemisms to ensure one really becomes a pro-abortion advocate. It enlisted the new euphemisms to encourage people to "get loud on social media" to talk about "accurate conversations about abortion."

"Having honest and accurate conversations about abortion is an important part of advocating for abortion rights, but it can be tricky to know exactly what to say. Here's a handy guide you can use when talking about abortion. Share this Instagram post to your story and send it to your friends and family," USOW said in their website that provides a link to their Instagram post on the listing.

The listing is a table with two columns: "Say This" that comes with a check mark and "Not That," which has an "X" marking. On top of the list under the "Say This" column is "abortion is safe." This is to replace the words "make abortion safe" and "dangerous, illegal abortion" that are under the "Not That" column. While "people who get abortions," "person with a uterus," and "pregnant people" are recommended to replace the word "women."

The sentence, "People should be trusted to make decisions about their reproductive healthcare that are best for them," is recommended to replace, "abortion is safer than carrying pregnancy to term" and "abortion is a difficult decision."

Finally, the last row in the table encourages desiring pro-choice advocates to use, "Abortion bans are restrictive and place unnecessary hurdles in the way of youth, BIPOC and low-income folks." This sentence was meant to replace, "This is a real life handmaid's tale!"

WND raised that USOW's prioritization of "abortion is safe" in its listing is a "calculated attempt" to promote the use of abortion pills. The United States Food and Drug Administration legalized in December the use of abortion pills even without in-person consultations any more. The FDA new policy was a reinstatement of guidelines they rolled-out during the pandemic. The new policy overturned prior administrations' ruling, which safeguarded women's health from the dangerous impact of abortion pills.

"This is a calculated attempt to promote at-home, 'self-managed' abortions done via a 'no-test' protocol--meaning without even a medical exam, ultrasound, or blood test prior to taking the pill. This is extremely dangerous, and abortion advocates know it. Legalized abortion was built on the idea that women should undergo abortions in a legal medical facility under the supervision of a doctor, and they insisted this would make it safe. Now, the narrative has shifted to insist that it is always safe for women to undergo chemical abortions alone," the media outlet highlighted.

Ironically, these euphemisms are not "accurate" nor is it "honest." The Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization Case, which is pending the United States Supreme Court decision, has become so controversial for it brought to the fore the Science of fetal development. The multiple amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court for Dobbs by various individuals rebuked claims that the unborn is not a human being.

Science has shown that the unborn is a complete human being at 12 weeks of pregnancy. The Bible, on the other hand, indicates that the unborn are already human right at conception.