One Million Moms, a conservative Christian group spawned from the American Family Association is upset over a new commercial from online real estate platform Zillow, which features a same-sex couple. The Christian group alleges that the ad's aim was to normalize sin, promote same-sex relationships, and push the LGBT agenda.

"Zillow should be ashamed of their latest commercial for attempting to normalize sin by featuring two women together," One Million Moms declared in its new campaign. The group underscored how it "stands up for biblical truth, which is very clear in Romans 1:26-27 about this particular type of sexual perversion."

In Scripture, Romans 1:26-27 talks about how women "exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones" and how men "abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another." It said that men "abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another" through these relations.

After the release of the Zillow ad titled "Ah, the Feeling of Finding Your Place," One Million Moms is now declaring war on the company by launching the campaign aimed at quashing their "social agenda to push the gay lifestyle."

"Your latest ad offends me, as well as many other conservative consumers," the petition read, as per the Christian Post. The group said it disagreed with the "LGBTQ agenda" that Zillow is allegedly "forcing on families and children" through its commercial that features two lesbians in a relationship.

The conservative Christian group argued that Zillow has crossed a line for airing an advertisement featuring a lesbian couple "during family viewing time." They demanded, "Please stick to promoting your product, without making political and social statements." As of writing, more than 13,000 people have signed One Million Moms' campaign against "sexual perversion" in the Zillow ad.

This is not the first time One Million Moms targeted commercials that depict LGBT couples. Earlier this month, the group targeted the online dating site eHarmony for its ad that featured a gay couple, Metro Weekly reported.

One Million Moms argued that eHarmony's "Here for Real Love" ad had attempted to "normalize and glorify the LGBTQ lifestyle" by featuring two men being affectionate with and feeding each other.

Like its concerns over the Zillow ad, One Million Moms claims that eHarmony was "promoting same sex relationships" and making it clear where they stood in the "controversial topic" of sexuality instead of "remaining neutral in the culture war."

One Million Moms alleged further that the eHarmony ad featuring a gay couple "brainwashes children and adults" by showing them that "homosexuality is normal." They argued that homosexuality is in fact " an unnatural love that is forbidden by Scripture just like love rooted in adultery is forbidden."

The group, which is known to advocate against LGBTQ rights and expression, pornography, and abortion, also quoted Romans 1:26-27 and reiterated how they "stand up for biblical truth."

Back in August 2021, One Million Moms decried an ad from pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, which featured a line that said, "the body you are randomly assigned at birth shouldn't determine how well you are cared for." The ad featured a woman identifying as a man and showing her double mastectomy scars.

The conservative group claimed that Eli Lilly "should be ashamed" for allowing the controversial ad to go on air. They added that it would drive away customers instead of bringing people together in support of the pharmaceutical company and its message.