A former "super gay" Hollywood set designer testified about his freedom from the carnal desires of homosexuality through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Some people might say that I'm just suppressing who I really am, but they don't get it because, you know, I lived that life for a really long time and I, I marched in gay pride parades. I, I marched in gay marriage equality parades. I was super gay. I tried that for 30 years. This is actually, really who I am now," Becket Cook told the CBN News, describing his new identity in Jesus.

Cook shared that he tried to hide being gay by dating girls in elementary and high school. But after college, when he moved to Los Angeles (LA) to pursue a career in creative field, he "came out to everyone" and fully "embraced" his homosexual identity.

He became a successful production designer, working with many famous personalities. He also started his own fashion line for men which was getting recognition in major cities such as LA, Paris and New York. But alongside the success in his career was the failure of his various gay relationships.

However, one time, during a show's after-party in Paris, he was struck with the "emptiness" he felt, questioning himself whether the purpose of his life is merely attending parties.

After the event, he went back to LA and continued with his life for the next six months.

Then one day, while he and his best friend were on a coffee shop, he encountered guys with Bibles on the table next to them. Cook approached the guys and asked if they were Christians. Afterwards, they shared the Gospel to him. He then asked about their church's perspective on homosexuality.

"Well, you know, we believe it's a sin," the Christians replied.

Cook said that with their "frank" and "honest" response, he found them interesting.

The Christians then invited him to come to their church the following Sunday. He told them he wasn't sure if he could but managed to attend the service anyway.

During the sermon, the pastor preached on Romans 7 which "strangely" moved Cook, adding that "every word" resonated the "truth" in his mind. He noted that it was the first time he ever understood the Gospel.

 After the preaching, the pastor invited the people to get prayed at a certain area in the church. When Cook followed the instruction and approached the guy assigned to pray, he was touched by the love he felt from the "straight dude."

"Because it seems so loving what he was saying and praying," he said.

"And all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit is just like (MAKES NOISE) - like floods me, and God has revealed Himself to me in that moment. And He's like, 'You're now adopted into my kingdom. Welcome.' And I was like, 'Whoa!' (LAUGHS) And I just like started bawling, hysterically balling," Cook recalled.

"And I knew, in that moment, I knew into the core of my being that being gay was no longer who I was. But I didn't care. Like I had just met Jesus Christ," he added.

In conclusion, Cook expressed his hope that people will realize the "amazing" life in Christ rather than indulging their sinful desires.

"It's not a happiness from the world. It's a joy that comes from Christ. With God, I feel this unconditional love from Him that will never leave. Like He'll never leave or forsake me. I'm happy to leave that dead man behind because He's worth it," he further stated.

The former Hollywood designer detailed his dramatic conversion to Christianity through the book, "A Change of Affection: A Gay Man's Incredible Story of Redemption," which was published in 2019.