Video footage was recently obtained by a right wing media outlet showing a 2020 National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) workshop, in which speakers discussed how to "prepare your PK-8 Students for Their World" through "the lens of gender, identity, and sexuality education."

NAIS is described as a "non-profit membership association" that offers services to over 1,900 schools and associations and schools, as well as over 1,600 independent private K-12 schools in America.

Breitbart uncovered an extensive array of documents and teacher trainings supplied by NAIS to private schools across the U.S., which according to the report is under the guise of being "LGBTQ+ inclusive" and urges the "use of graphic sexual material in classes starting at Pre-K."

One training workshop at NAIS' flagship conference in 2020 spanning an hour long described the ways teachers could talk to children about "gender, and sexuality, and identity," as well as how to talk to students in Pre-K about "their bodies," sexual organs, and "what they feel like inside, do they feel like a boy or a girl."

The conference also talked about how to teach sex, sexuality, and "gender identity" in as young as Pre-K to Grade 8 students.

The report added that NAIS-accredited schools "make an effort to remove and dismiss parents from involvement in or knowledge of conversations about sexuality between teachers and students." They have even listed potential parental concerns about teaching sexuality to children and branded it "Puritan Speak."

Such "Puritan Speak" concerns include it being a parent's job to teach kids sexuality, their being unready or being too young to have the conversation, losing their innocence, and concerns about "putting ideas in their heads."

Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for education studies at the Family Research Council, lamented to the Christian Post that parents whose kids go to private schools do not have the same "basic civil rights protections" that are available in public schools. This is why the response would be "to remove their child from the school since groups like NAIS are training private school teachers and administration to promote LGBT materials even to very young students."

Kilgannon explained that parents whose children go to private schools often have a "false sense of security" about the "intellectual safety" of the students against "sexualized materials" that are common in public schools. She argued that the teachers and administrators in both public and private schools come from the same university system that is "obsessed with queer theory and critical race theory."

Kilgannon further criticized the U.S.' Supreme Court decision in 2015 when it legalized same-sex marriage across the country as a result of the "Obergefell v. Hodges" case. Critics were concerned about the decision's negative impact on religious liberty and how it would encourage schools to promote same-sex relationships to young children.

Kilgannon, who represents just one of the Christian groups urging parents to remove kids from private schools over LGBT agendas, warned that LGBT advocates fight back by naming and shaming any organization that opposes their cause. Meanwhile, Focus on the Family's Jeff Johnson highlighted the importance of parents' awareness of the "false 'gender ideology'" being promoted in both public and private schools in the U.S.

Johnson argued that LGBT agendas not only sexualize children, it confuses them at a very young age. He added that it is "inappropriate for the classroom." He advised, "We encourage parents to lay a strong foundation, even with very young children, about how God designed individuals to be male or female, in His image."