To reach more people for the Gospel, a pair of Christian organizations collaborated to translate the movies about the first four books of the New Testament into over a thousand languages.

Launched by the Bible Media Group (BMG) and Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH), the LUMO Project produced 1,137 translations of the films on the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Released in 2014 in four English translations, the movies were created by the Big Book Media and distributed by Toy Gun Films.

In an interview with The Christian Post, BMG President Tessie DeVore shared that the concept of the project began with its producer herself, Hannah Leader, who wanted to make Scripture-based movies "to bring the Scriptures to life" in an aim to increase Bible engagement globally.

"The Lumo Project is such a good tool to allow people to do biblical ministry to promote Bible literacy," DeVore added.

Through BMG's 160 partners worldwide, the project is being used on various platforms such as apps, online for broadcasting and SD cards for film showings in churches abroad.

The BMG president said that like other Gospel movies such as "The Chosen," the project is an effective tool to spread the Word of God.

"... It's not about which one is better. If anything, they complement each other and are both different ways to engage with the Bible. Lumo is good for discipleship and the Bible aspect. But, they both have a good place in this process of enhancing Biblical literacy," she further stated.

This April, DeVore disclosed that the project is set to release "The Covenant," which will tackle about the stories of Abraham, Joseph and Moses in the Old Testament.

She said that they are hoping to translate the films into more languages, noting that "faith comes by hearing."

"It's important for people to have the Bible in their heart language to engage with. We get testimonies almost on a daily basis through our partners who are on the field and on the ground," she continued.

One of these testimonies, she revealed, is the conversion of Charles Mitota in Africa after watching the films in Chichewa language during a series of outreach meetings. Moved by the story about the crucifixion of Jesus, Mitota gave his life to Christ and is currently leading others to join him in the faith.

Leader felt glad for achieving her dream of translating the Gospel films into a thousand languages.

DeVore, on the other hand, attributed the fulfillment of Leader's dream to BMG's partnership with FCBH.

"It is through this amazing partnership that millions of people can engage with Scripture by watching God's Word unfold in their own language," she said.

Jonathan Huguenin, vice president of FCBH's Global Partnerships and Language Recording, "rejoiced" with the project for reaching a milestone in just a short period of time. He also agreed with DeVore on her statement about the partnership's result.

"I'm continually amazed at the power of partnership. By combining FCBH Audio Bibles with LUMO visuals, together we were able to go from a few dozen languages to more than 1,000!" Huguenon declared.