Jonathan Roumie, who plays the lead role of Jesus Christ in the global sensation "The Chosen," revealed on social media on Sunday that he is cast in another Jesus movie.

Roumie announced the first day of filming of the "Jesus Revolution Movie" in his Instagram account. The movie, he said, has been in the making for years based on the life of street preacher Lonnie Frisbee, who died in 1993 from AIDS.

"I can't tell you how honored I feel to be a part of The #JesusRevolutionMovie, playing the legendary, enigmatic hippie street-preacher, Lonnie Frisbee (may he rest in peace)," Roumie said.

"Lonnie was an essential part of this epic story based on true events that took place during the last great #REVIVAL in this country known as the 'Jesus People' Movement' or the 'Jesus Revolution' (as @time magazine referred to it.)," he explained.

Roumie further introduced Frisbee as a person anointed by God with many gifts of the Holy Spirit, which included prophecy and healing. The late preacher's main contribution was rescuing a great number of youth experiencing post-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) conditions in the 1960s from the hippie culture.

The actor stressed that the youth were in desperation of finding meaning in their lives, causing them to be "lost, confused and disenfranchised." Yet Frisbee was able to convince them that God and not their experimentation with LSD would fill the void they feel in their hearts and lives. Frisbee taught them that the answer to their yearning and seeking was Jesus Himself.

"As a result, untold numbers of kids--literally, teenagers--were brought to faith in Christ through his intense, magnetic witness in the late 60's and 70's, and he became a visual symbol of this movement whose epicenter was in Southern California and spread globally," Roumie shared.

"No better time for another global revival, wouldn't you agree?" he added.

In addition, Roumie highlighted in his post that the first day of filming coincided with the anniversary of Frisbee's death. Something, he said, was moving and mystical for those who knew the pastor would attest that was just how Frisbee rolled. He then called Frisbee as the holy homie of the Holy Spirit.

Roumie accompanied the announcement with concealed photos of himself. Photos revealed the clothing he wore in the movie but did not show how his face. There was also a photo of him showing his backside as he looked out the window. Other photos he shared included the photos of Frisbee and the folding chair Roumie used in the set for the first day of taping.

Roumie, whose career was resurrected and went global during the pandemic because of his role in "The Chosen," was named by Aleteia as one of the ten Catholics who restored faith in humanity in 2021. Many have attested feeling closer to Jesus and becoming connected to the Gospels because of his portrayal of Christ's gentleness, humor, and unparalleled warmth in the streaming series. The role has opened many opportunities for him to speak about the faith in conferences. He has also become a popular voice in the prayer app, Hallow.

"The Chosen" topped one million subscribers in YouTube last June. While their Christmas-themed special has broken sales records before its release. These breakthroughs were accompanied by the release of the series' first international version in December. The series was dubbed in French, which Roumie said would be streamed on local national television after its international premiere last December 12.

Dallas Jenkins, the series producer and writer, is currently busy constructing a studio in Utah for the filming of its third season, which is scheduled to come out this year.