Pastor and MorningStar Ministries CEO Chris Reed said he saw in a recent prophetic dream that America's future was headed towards chaos, with possible separation of the 50 united states until the country reached redemption and renewal.

Reed shared with Charisma Magazine about his dream. He said, "I believe we are coming upon a perfect storm as we see these events unfolding in the world."

He urged people to stay in prayer, "I don't believe America will be exempt from this. We need to be in prayer and preparation and warn people around us. Although this will turn out to be successful, there are going to be some bumpy roads ahead. I think more than ever we need to have a prophetic perspective of current events around us."

"It's something we need to take heed as a warning to prepare." Reed went on to narrate his vivid dream in detail.

"In the dream, I saw an unknown man who was dressed in a black suit and held a $50 US bill in his hand, and he tore the $50 bill up in three different stages. After each stage, random people who came up to me handed me national newspapers from here in the United States with various unique headlines. I could read these headlines; they were very vivid in my memory."

He continued, "The first headline read this: 'The Dollar Drops 30% in Value.' A subtitle to the headline was: 'Middle East Oil (countries) Strikes Deal with China Instead of the U.S.' I was then given another headline, which read: 'The Perfect Storm: Inflation Reaches a New High.' Then, another person came up to me and handed me a news headline, 'Food Shortage Crisis as Wheat and Bread Imports Are at a Stalemate.'"

He shared another headline in which he couldn't remember the exact wording yet share a close one to it saying "Riots and Civil Unrest as Citizens Demand Entitlement Checks."

"Then the dream focused again on the man in the black suit. This time, he tore the $50 bill in half. When he did this, an earthquake happened under my feet."

"Another person came up to me and handed me a headline that read, 'Israeli and Palestinian Two-State Solution Reached.' Then another person came up to me and gave me a headline, 'Major Earthquake Hits the Middle of the U.S.' Then the man in the black suit took the $50 bill and started tearing it into small pieces, one by one."

"Another person walks up to me and hands me another headline, 'America in Pieces: More States Secede from the Nation in Retaliation to the Federal Government.' I was then handed another headline, which said, 'US Military Takes Charge as Uncertainty Looms Over the Federal Government.'"

He continued, "Then the man in the black suit took out a new dollar bill." According to him, the $1 bill has George Washington's face on it yet the bill looked like a cellphone.

"Another person came up and handed me a headline, and the newspaper headline read, 'New Currency for a Renewed Nation.' Another headline was handed to me, and it said, 'Simplicity Restored as Americans Grow Their Own Food.' Then I woke up," he ended.

Afterward, through his team's input, he shared the interpretation of his dream. "No one sees the whole picture." He noted what the Bible says, "We know in part and we prophesy in part." He believed that's how prophetic gift works. "I don't believe one person has the whole," he said.

"The $50 bill to me represented the U.S. currency, but also the 50 united states. The man in the black suit tearing the bill in different stages represented the aggressive unfolding of events, of which a timeline I'm not sure. But I really feel like, in 2022 and 2023, we're going to see these things unfold. I've had a few confirmations of this dream since then that I believe had to be the Lord," he continued.

He cited the black horse of the four horsemen of the seven seals in the book of Revelation. "It was the black horse rider who dealt with money and the economics, the measure of wheat for a penny and barley for a penny. But it could not hurt the oil and the wine, which I think speaks of the fact, that somehow, believers, while preparing, mentally, physically, and emotionally, must be aware that God is going to help His people through this time in this renewing of America," he explained.