The American Renewal Project hosted a recent luncheon across Missouri to mobilize spiritual leaders and pastors to enter the public office last April 25 with Former U.S Attorney General John Ashcroft, for gaining the country’s spiritual resurrection.

"There's nothing more rewarding or important than to be involved in God's work of redemption," Ashcroft said in inviting church leaders and their spouses.

David Lane, the founder of the American Renewal Project, wrote in an article that the goal of these events was "to mobilize Missouri pastors and spiritual leaders, incentivizing them to enter the rough-and-tumble public square in obedience to Jesus' ekklesia kingdom assignment in Matthew 16:18."

He believed that "If America is to resurrect spiritually, every single church in America should have a pastor, elder, deacon or congregant running for local office in 2022, 2024, 2026 and thereafter to reverse the idolatrous incursion of cultural Marxism and religious secularism foisted on the American people by the secularized Warren Court in the mid-20th century."

Vineyard Outreach America, an association of churches that established the ministry of the American Renewal Project, has been working to bring Christian values to the public square to impact the communities, and address moral and social issues of the country with Biblical beliefs and convictions.

Lane wrote, "A new paradigm must be established, giving center stage to apostolic leadership, by developing armies of leaders instead of merely feeding flocks of sheep."

He argued that the old model of leadership has been "found wanting." According to him, it must be replaced by a movement that focused on changing the culture in the community. He pointed out how the recent theological model allowed to pass "anti-God legislation" and add immorality into "an ever-increasing profane, perverted culture."

He noted that "Therefore we must say that human agency plays a real role. It's not enough for the LORD to call; Abraham must answer...Abraham's feet do the walking. The grace of God's call does not replace human effort."

In their last year's luncheons across North Carolina with Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as the speaker, 40-50 North Carolina pastors and spiritual leaders are running for local offices in this coming U.S. midterm elections for different positions such as city council, school board, county commissioner, etc.

However, Lane's works and efforts have been heavily criticized by some hate-watch groups, including Southern Poverty Law Center for his remarks and campaigns promoting Biblical sexuality. SPLC wrote, "In recent years, he [Lane] has worked behind the scenes to connect pastors and other religious right activists with conservative politicians. His work has been bankrolled by the rabidly anti-gay and anti-Muslim American Family Association, which the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group."

As Lane cited A.W. Pink's exegesis of the book of Joshua, he acknowledged difficulties along the way in living out the testimony a Christian should "show forth." He noted that Pink "indicated that it would be very easy to turn away from hardship and tribulation, but then we would also miss out on blessings and consecration."