Thousands attended the Boise Harvest virtually and in person in Idaho, where the pastor spoke about the purest love and hope that could only be found in Christ.

On April 23 and 24, thousands of people gathered for the Boise Harvest event at the ExtraMile Arena in Boise, Idaho, where Pastor Greg Laurie and Harvest Christian Fellowship called on believers to have their lives "transformed by Jesus Christ." Up to 21,500 were in attendance in Idaho, while 144,013 more people joined online.

According to CBN News, more than 3,000 people responded when Laurie invited them to commit their lives to Jesus Christ. The pastor reminded attendees at the event and virtually that outreach "is not about religion...this is about having your life transformed by Jesus Christ."

Many listened into Laurie's Harvest crusade, which brought together thousands to Christ. A woman named Aubrey, who attended the event with her mother, admitted that she was moved by the pastor's words. She shared her uncertain feelings saying, "Whenever he said, 'are you sure you're going to go to Heaven,' I wasn't sure. I mean, I believe in Jesus, but I didn't know for sure.""

"And it's just kind of been in the back of my mind lately, and he gave me an opportunity and I was like, I should take it," Aubrey shared. "I'm stoked...I'm really happy."

Another attendee by the name of Alana who was at the second worship night described the experience as "a miracle." She shared, "Especially with what's going on around the world, this was so needed. I just couldn't believe the amount of people that were here and that came down here to get saved last night and tonight. It's just a miracle."

The two-day event featured performances by Jeremy Camp, Andy Mineo, and Harvest Worship on Saturday, April 23, while Chris Tomlin, Jordan Feliz, and Harvest Worship took the stage on the second night to provide Christian musical entertainment.

According to the Harvest blog, Laurie on the first night gave a message about "What You're Really Looking For," after which he invited the faithful to make a public profession of faith as music played in the background. Thousands of people made their way to the stage to commit or recommit their lives to Jesus Christ. The people were embraced and welcomed by local pastors and volunteers who shared in their prayer and invited them to a local church community. Laurie also ended the two-day event with a message titled "Don't Be Afraid."

This is not the first time Laurie's Harvest crusade led thousands of people to Christ. In October 2021, 6,000 people surrendered their lives to Jesus during the SoCal Harvest that was held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, with 40,000 people in attendance, the Christian Headlines reported at the time. Up to 200,000 people watched the event via livestream. They enjoyed music by acts such as For King & Country, Phil Wickham, Kirk Franklin, and Tori Kelly.

"It is exciting because we spent so much time apart, so much time separated because of the pandemic and it's affecting everyone," Laurie remarked. "Drug use is up, alcohol use is up, divorce is up and that's because people are down."

Laurie reminded people about how Jesus said that when these things happen, "look up for your redemption is drawing near." The pastor reminded the faithful, "The only thing that can change a human heart is the power of the Gospel."