A group of parents in Pennsylvania marched to a school board meeting after a drag queen show was held in a public school without their knowledge.

Earlier this month, Hempfield High School in Salunga-Landisville, Pennsylvania was the venue of a drag queen show where men dressed as women performed sexually provocative dances in front of students without their parents' knowledge. Naturally, parents and community members were enraged when video footage of the event surfaced online.

According to the Daily Wire, the after-school event was hosted by the Gay-Straight Alliance club, which is sponsored by French teacher Kelly Tyson, who invited the drag queen performers to perform at the public school. A mother of two students at the school described the performers as 'grown men" who were "dressed scantily and performed in a provocative, sexualized manner for minor children." She was also concerned that the men did not have "background checks."

Parents March to a School Board Meeting to Denounce the Drag Queen Show

Before the school board meeting this week, Pennsylvania parents met around a flagpole in front of the school district's administrative building, where they said a prayer for wisdom and protection, Faithwire reported. In the prayer, a parent was heard saying, "... we will speak Your truth, we will not shrink back, we will speak boldly in faith and in love just as Jesus did when He walked on this Earth."

Some of the Christian parents who were in attendance peacefully engaged with the GSA club members and even embraced them. In the school board meeting, the Pennsylvania parents began to lay out their arguments against the drag queen show.

A parent by the name of Stacey Hernandez argued that American public schools today are "overreaching and indoctrinating" children and have "created confusion and stress in the most vulnerable." She also denounced the school board for allowing "filth" into the schools and permitting the "exploitation" of the students. She concluded by saying it was "a form of child abuse" to allow such "indecency" in public schools.

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Another mother accused the school board of failing to do its job, which the parents took on just to raise the issue of exposing children to a drag queen show. She said that without parents like her sounding the alarm, they would have allowed such events to continue for years to come. She said that the trust the parents have in the school has been "broken."

Meanwhile, another parent accused the school of pushing the LGBT movement masked by use of words such as "'inclusion,' 'equity,' 'social justice,' 'microaggression.'" He also lamented that Pennsylvania parents who oppose the LGBT agenda are labeled as "domestic terrorists."

School District Issues a Public Apology

The Hempfield School District issued a message to the community in which it apologized for the event and that one personnel had been "placed on administrative leave." They expressed how "appalled" they were at the event and that they do not "condone this type of activity" in their schools and acknowledged that the guests, performance, and the costumes were inappropriate for a school setting.

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